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Ningbo manufacturing accelerates "intelligent" transformation

At 8:00 am on January 15th, the intelligent factory of Ningbo Water Meter (Group) Co., Ltd. entered production mode.

With the industrial robots moving up and down, raw materials are assembled into common water meters one by one. Not only does the entire production process remain uninterrupted, but the production rhythm of the production line has also been compressed to 12 seconds.

"From a few minutes to 12 seconds now, the collection and application of data, as well as the linkage of industrial software, are the key to significantly improving the production efficiency of enterprises." said Zhang Yijun, the Operations Director of Ningbo Water Meter Group. These successes are now concentrated in the command center of enterprises. Here, you can not only view real-time data on the factory's production capacity, storage capacity, raw materials, etc., but also refine each order to understand its specific progress.

For example, at which stage has electronic modules been produced; Where does the raw material source for a certain order come from; What is the working hours of a worker on that day; How is the quality of a certain water meter?

When the spring breeze of intelligent manufacturing blows, it is not only Ningbo Water Meter Group that benefits. At Ningbo Yongyou Electronics Co., Ltd., the new factory with a daily output of 200000 relays has become the most efficient intelligent chemical plant in the relay industry in China.

Here, digital twins have become a standard feature in the factory area. Taking the winding workshop and assembly workshop as examples, rows of production lines and AGV cars are replicated one by one in a virtual workshop.

Whether it is the production and movement trajectory of the workshop, AGV cars, or which equipment has problems and needs maintenance, managers can be notified in different numbers and colors in the virtual workshop, making production and management more convenient and intelligent.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. From digital workshops, smart factories to future factories, at the beginning of the new year, Ningbo's "smart" manufacturing has been reported frequently.

In the 2023 list of future factories and intelligent factories (digital workshops) in Zhejiang Province announced by the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, 30 Ningbo enterprises including Ningbo Water Meter Group and Yongyou Electronics were successfully selected, ranking first in the province in terms of quantity.

As of now, Ningbo has cultivated a new group of intelligent manufacturing enterprises led by future factories, piloted by "5G+Industrial Internet", and mainly composed of intelligent factories (digital workshops). So far, there have been 18 national level intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstrations, 84 provincial level intelligent factories (digital workshops), 81 municipal level "5G+Industrial Internet" pilots, and 361 municipal level intelligent factories (digital workshops).

According to the plan, Ningbo will strive to build more than 420 digital benchmark pilot projects in the manufacturing industry at or above the provincial level by 2027, 10 vertical large models and over 30 artificial intelligence application scenarios; the coverage rate of digital transformation of industrial enterprises in key (segmented) industries at the municipal level will exceed 95%

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