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Ningbo's industries are revitalized with digital technology

What surprises will there be when the Mid Autumn Festival mooncakes are filled with 5G wings? What happens when a dock has 678 chips? What sparks will arise when a strong manufacturing city in Ningbo encounters TikTok's "overseas broadcasting e-commerce"?

The wave of digital economy is permeating every aspect of people's production and life. In Ningbo, beauty is not limited to the imagined beauty, but rather becomes a reality due to "digital technology".

New digital models create new market opportunities

“Hi Lam! You wake up so early in the learning! Let me show you our products.”

In Ningbo Cross border Live Broadcasting Incubation Base, full-time anchor Yue Shun shouted for an atmosphere light in the TikTok studio of "Overseas Tiktok".

In less than 10 minutes, Yue Shun's colleagues saw the "jumping" data on the large computer screen——

Although it was 8am on a weekday in the UK, this newly opened account was able to attract hundreds of viewers online.

Yue Shun said, "If it's during peak hours at night, we can sell one order in one minute

Nowadays, the popular short videos and live broadcasts in China have become the secret of the global internet. TikTok, with a daily active user base of nearly 1 billion people, has become an important channel for Chinese companies to promote their brands and go overseas.

A group of Ningbo foreign traders are seizing the market share and taking the lead in exploring the "blue ocean" of TikTok. This platform that combines the functions of advertising and selling has brought business opportunities to Tang Xiaoyue, the general manager of Ningbo Youplas Network Technology Co., Ltd. Based on years of experience in international logistics, she collaborated with cross-border sellers with practical experience in TikTok to establish a Ningbo cross-border live streaming incubation base in Yinzhou District.

We have successfully launched TikTok live streaming in Southeast Asia and the UK, and have reached partnerships with more than 10 local enterprises. Currently, live streaming and short videos are deeply integrated with the foreign trade industry, "Tang Xiaoyue said.

From the online Canton Fair to TikTok today, digital trade is becoming the most promising growth point for the integration of data and reality. Last year, the digital trade transaction volume in Ningbo exceeded 200 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 20%.

On October 13-15, the 2023 World Digital Economy Conference and the 13th Smart City and Smart Economy Expo will be held in Ningbo, and the Digital Trade Center will be established for the first time. The exhibition hall will highlight the technological empowerment of commercial services, focusing on showcasing new technologies, formats, and achievements in fields such as information consumption, e-commerce, and digital inclusion. It will focus on showcasing the achievements and experiences of new products, formats, and models leading the development of the new economy, and assisting in the development of digital trade.

Digital "Chips" Activate International Hub

With the small peak of Christmas supplies exports approaching, the Daxie Container Terminal at Ningbo Zhoushan Port has become even busier. Behind the highly efficient port operations and lifting transportation are the achievements of 678 5G chips and thousands of sensing points.

At present, the accuracy rate of the 5G intelligent tally system at Daxie Port for box number and vehicle number inspection exceeds 95%; The detection rate of external collection cards in place can reach over 90%; The remote control of the gantry crane has also achieved low latency remote control within 18ms and real-time transmission of 16 high-definition videos.

“Nowadays, remote control is adopted, and each person can control two devices at the same time. In the future, it may increase to 5 or 6 devices. Originally, by manually checking vehicle information, each vehicle took approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Now, intelligent means are adopted, and each vehicle can be released in approximately 20 seconds... "said the dock manager.

“We have 3 telecommunications 5G chips on each car here, and 4 5G chips on each gantry crane. The person in charge said that each 5G chip has its own task, including those responsible for loading and unloading tasks, those responsible for confirming loading and unloading positions, those similar to mobile phone chips responsible for internal communication, and those responsible for emergency reporting”

It is reported that at Daxie Container Terminal Co., Ltd., a total of about 150 trucks and 63 gantry cranes are operating together. In order to achieve unmanned and blacklit terminals, Daxie Container Terminal Co., Ltd. has used a total of 678 5G chips.

In addition to laying out the 5G network, we have also deployed thousands of sensor points on the ground. Through these sensor points, we can quickly obtain the coordinates of each vehicle at each time and the unique direction of the vehicle in a timely manner. Therefore, we can carry out overall scheduling at a lower cost”

Besides the changes in docks, on September 15th, the newly upgraded Ningbo Zhoushan Port Service Comprehensive Platform (hereinafter referred to as Haigang EDI) continuously displayed numbers on its large screen. The number of views and active users on that day finally settled at 692300 and 21600, both of which reached historic highs, injecting new vitality into digital port services.

As a comprehensive platform for Ningbo Zhoushan Port to provide port services to terminals, customs, shipping agents, freight forwarders, convoys, and individual employees, Port EDI plays an important role in port linkage, business processing, information inquiry, and logistics tracking. Since the EDI update at the seaport in July this year, the platform's business service volume data has shown a steady growth trend. As of September 15th, the number of registered EDI users at the port has exceeded 143000; The average monthly active users reached 42000, an increase of 34% compared to before the upgrade.

With the continuous help of digital technology, Ningbo, as a hub city of the "the Belt and Road", has become more and more shining.

On the eve of this year's Mid Autumn Festival, it was the busiest time for the Ningbo production base of Zhejiang Quansheng Food Co., Ltd. As one of the largest mooncake manufacturers in China, nearly 400000 mooncakes are taken offline here every day. Although busy,

the workshop is in good order.

This year, our new '5G+Mooncake Intelligent Factory' has been put into use, "said Wang Yidong, the company's relevant person in charge. With the empowerment of 5G+intelligent manufacturing technology, the mooncakes of Quansheng factory can achieve personalized customization and rapid response to production control. This year alone, this production line can produce over 300 types of mooncakes, a significant increase compared to the past. At the same time, through intelligent algorithms, the filling, pastry, and cooking oil required for each new product can be accurately calculated and stocked, reducing waste while ensuring fresh ingredients. In addition, the temperature and humidity of the workshop, as well as the time, temperature, and oil temperature during the production process, will be integrated and fed back to the workshop manager through 5G ultra high network speed and powerful computing power.

With the help of 5G and industrial internet technology, our factory's labor productivity has increased by nearly three times; through intelligent algorithms and radio frequency communication technology, we have also achieved full process traceability of each batch of mooncakes, safeguarding the consumers’ food safety! "Said Wang Yidong.

“Delicious and safe "is the new beauty brought by" 5G+mooncakes ". Quansheng's Ningbo production base was also selected for the second "Technology Empowered Food Safety Supervision and High Quality Industrial Development" case hosted by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The beautiful changes brought to life by digital technology never stop at the tip of the tongue.

In 2021, Ningbo City Brain was officially put into operation. From adjusting traffic lights to precise congestion control; it can collaborate with meteorological, water conservancy and other departments to implement precise strategies and fight against typhoons

As a new tool for urban managers, the urban brain can not only grasp first-hand information in real-time, but also make more accurate decisions through analysis, making cities smarter and smarter.

In the cockpit of the 3000 square meter Ningbo City Brain Command Center, Ningbo City Brain has eight major sections and numerous sub sections under its jurisdiction, including the overall intelligent governance led by CPC Party building, digital government, digital economy, digital society, digital culture, digital rule of law, integrated intelligent public data platform architecture, and grassroots intelligent governance. It has gathered a batch of intelligent applications such as "Yongyi Ban", smart health, grassroots governance platforms, and public transportation, dynamically reflecting the real-time operation of Ningbo.

As of now, Ningbo's urban brain has gathered more than 100 systems from 67 departments and 10 districts (counties, cities), basically covering major departments at the city level and various districts (counties, cities).Ningbo has collected 11888 types of local data, 852 real-time shared data interfaces, and a total of 23.67 billion pieces of data, covering important data resources such as population, social security, and water and gas, forming a strong data resource base.

At the 2022 Digital Government Evaluation Conference, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen jointly achieved the highest level of digital government key city service capability - "Excellent Level".  In the "2022 Provincial Government and Key City Integrated Government Service Capability Survey and Evaluation Report" released earlier, Ningbo's overall index of integrated government service capability was once again rated as "very high".

Cities are smarter because of digital technology, life is better because of the digital economy, and Ningbo is beautiful because of digital industry

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