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A historic breakthrough! Ningbo Zhoushan International

Shipping Center rose to the 9th of the rank

Ningbo, built by Hong Kong, prosperous because of Hong Kong.

On September 22, the "Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index Report (2023)" was released in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the report). According to the report, the top 10 global shipping center cities in terms of comprehensive strength in 2023 are Singapore, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Athens-Piraeus, Ningbo Zhoushan, and New York-New Jersey.

Ningbo Zhoushan's International Shipping Center Development Index jumped to 9th place, achieving a historic breakthrough after ranking among the top 10 for the first time in 2021 and consolidating the previous year's position in 2022, surpassing world-renowned ports such as New York-New Jersey, Houston and Tokyo.

It is reported that the "Xinhua Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index" was launched by China Economic Information Service and Baltic Exchange in 2014, and the evaluation system focuses on three dimensions such as port conditions, shipping services and comprehensive environment, and has become a "wind vane" to evaluate the development trend of global shipping centers and measure the competitiveness level of port cities.

The report pointed out that affected by the world economic and trade situation, the capacity of international shipping resource agglomeration and allocation gradually shifted eastward with the flow of goods, trade, capital and other factors, and the capacity of shipping centers in the Asia-Pacific region continued to increase.

So, "competing for the first position", what did Ningbo Zhoushan do right? This question must be answered against the evaluation indicators.

The unique port conditions are undoubtedly the biggest "plus" of Ningbo Zhoushan Port. In 2022, the cargo throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port exceeded 1.25 billion tons, ranking first in the world for 14 consecutive years; the container throughput reached 33.35 million TEU, ranking third in the world for five consecutive years, and 68 of the world's largest 400,000-ton mining ships have arrived at the port.

"Relying on the super operating capacity, scale and efficiency of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the port index of Ningbo Zhoushan International Shipping Center ranks first in the world. The rapid development of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has promoted the acceleration and upgrading of Ningbo and Zhoushan Lingshan port industries and port and shipping service industries, and also promoted the promotion of Ningbo Zhoushan International Shipping Center City. The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Port Group said.

The continuously optimized business environment has quickly "scored" the "comprehensive environment" index of Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Ningbo continued to deepen the reform of cross-border trade facilitation, and by the end of 2022, the overall customs clearance time of Ningbo Port ranked first among major coastal ports in China for the first time. Imports continued to remain second, and the compression of import and export customs clearance time ranked first in the country.

"After two years of operation, Ningbo Zhoushan has become one of the top ten international shipping centers in the world. Its rise has been at least partly due to its strategic location along China's eastern coastline, as well as port facilities and development potential... At the same time, the region is also looking beyond the port and with an eye to developing into an international shipping hub. The report reads.


Operation scene of Ningbo Zhoushan Port. (Photo by Wu Mengkai)

It is necessary not only to have "hard conditions", but also "soft power". It must be admitted that although Ningbo Zhoushan Port has a good "home base", its performance in the field of shipping services still has a lot of room for improvement compared with Singapore, the world's largest ship bunkering port, and London, an old international shipping financial center, and it is urgent to transform and upgrade from "counting boxes" to "counting lists" and "counting votes".

In order to solve the problem of "big port and small navigation", Ningbo has made a lot of progress. For example, international shipping companies Aladdin Shipping and Hanshei Shipping have set up Chinese headquarters in Ningbo; The International Society of Maritime Engineering and Technology (IMarEST) opens China's first center in Ningbo; In addition, Donghai Insurance, the first professional shipping insurance company in China, and Intercontinental Group, the largest private third-party ship management company in China, are vying to settle down.

Last year, Ningbo COSCO, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Port Group, became the first port and shipping company listed on "A to A" in China, ranking fifth among liner shipping companies in China. Its "" has become the largest shipping asset disposal institution in China. The Haisi Port International Cooperation Forum and China (Ningbo) International Shipping and Logistics Fair held in Ningbo enhanced Ningbo's influence in the global port and shipping logistics industry.

"In recent years, Ningbo has made great achievements in building a shipping industry ecology, and has certain comparative advantages in ship trading, bulk commodity trading, crew services, maritime services and other fields. In addition to the improvement of throughput, Ningbo Zhoushan Port also needs to continue to make efforts in the shipping service industry, gathering high-end elements such as shipping insurance, shipping economy, shipping law, and shipping management. Xu Kai, CIO of Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, concluded.


In 2021, the Ningbo Municipal Government issued the Action Plan for Forging Hard Core Strength and Accelerating the Construction of World-class Strong Ports (2021-2025), proposing to build Ningbo Zhoushan Port into a strategic hub supporting the new development pattern, a hard-core force serving the national strategy, and one of the core ports of the world-class port group in the Yangtze River Delta, providing solid support for Ningbo to accelerate the construction of a modern coastal metropolis.

According to the above plan, Ningbo strives to introduce 20 port and shipping service institutions, regional headquarters, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and emerging industry projects in port and shipping trade by 2025, and build a national oil and gas resources storage and transportation base, a national important metal ore resource storage and transportation base, a bulk commodity trading center, and an international import and export commodity distribution center.

At that time, the comprehensive strength of Ningbo Zhoushan Port to build a global shipping center is expected to reach a higher level

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