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Ningbo accelerates "beautiful bay construction"

It is learned from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning that over the past three years, Ningbo has renovated 110.7 kilometers of coastline, ranking first in Zhejiang Province, accounting for one third of the total length of the province's coastline.
"The superior marine resources provide a strong support for Ningbo's economic development, but at the same time, they also bring harm to its development and utilization." said a related person in charge from the bureau. A series of problems, such as poor coastal zone, degradation of coastal wetlands, weakening of marine ecosystem, and reduction of coastal comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation capacity, have sounded an alarm for Ningbo's marine ecology, especially the coastal ecological restoration.
Since 2016, China has been making efforts to support the coastal areas to carry out the blue bay regulation action. As one of the first "blue bay" projects in China, Ningbo's blue bay renovation project has a total investment of 518 million yuan and central financial support of 400 million yuan. The comprehensive treatment project of Meishan Bay in Xiangshan Port and the ecological island reef construction project of Hua'ao Island in Xiangshan County have been implemented respectively. In 2018, in accordance with the national and the provincial requirements, NIngbo launched a three-year action to renovate the coastline, involving 49 sections of the coastline in six districts and counties of the city, with an investment of 127 million yuan.

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Sailing bay demonstrating coastal style

With the starting point of Xiangshan Toll Station, the key point of Yafan Road, and the ending point of Maoyang Toll Station, the "sailing bay" line of Xiangshan County is 50 km long, with a total investment of 442 million yuan. It is planned to complete an investment of 124 million yuan this year.
The "sailing bay" line, the most lively coastal scenic line, is located in the golden area of the most beautiful coastline at 30 degrees north latitude in Xiangshan County. It is surrounded by such national 4A scenic spots as the Songlan Mountain Coastal Tourist Resort and the Xieqian Port Scenic Spot. With distinctive coastal characteristics and integrated development of culture and tourism, the line shows the surging image of Xiangshan County riding the wind and waves and sailing for a long time.
As the venue for the sailing events of the 2022 Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, the Asian Sailing Center is half on land and half on the sea, which is the only project that needs to be constructed on the sea for the Hangzhou Asian Games. "The project, with a total investment of 602 million yuan, is divided into two regions: the competition and training center and the harbor and pools. In September this year, it will host the sailing competition of the 14th National Games." said Wu Yamin, Executive Deputy Director of Xiangshan

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Cloud Connect China 2021 concluded

The Cloud Connect China 2021 came to a successful end on June 18. During the three days of the conference, about 40 experts and scholars delivered wonderful speeches, attracting over 1,000 entrepreneurs.
As is reported, as one of the top ten cloud computing events in the world, the global cloud computing conference was founded in the Silicon Valley in the United States, and has been held in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. Since the 2017 global cloud computing conference was held in Ningbo, it has been held for four consecutive times. Over the past four years, the conference has not only brought Ningbo advanced experience in the development of global cloud computing, but also enabled Ningbo enterprises to take advantage of this platform to go global.
This year's session of the conference is also fruitful. At the main forum, more than ten celebrities had wonderful sharing and discussion on topics such as the development of digital economy, the future application of data and artificial intelligence, the first application of hybrid cloud, and digitalized "made in China" products.

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An industrial platform of Hangzhou Bay New Zone ranks No.1 again

Good news has recently come from the management committee of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone that in the newly released 2020 annual evaluation results of 13 "10,000 mu and 100 billion" new industry platforms in Zhejiang Province, the intelligent automobile industry platform of the new zone won the first place again with a high score of 93.59.
The "10 thousand mu and 100 billion" new industry platform refers to an industrial platform oriented to future industries, with a space of about 10,000 mu and an output of more than 100 billion yuan. The intelligent automobile industrial platform of Hangzhou Bay New Zone has two leading automobile enterprises, namely Geely Automobile and SAIC Volkswagen, and gathers more than 150 key automobile parts enterprises, including 10 world Fortune 500 enterprises, with a solid industrial foundation.
According to the related person in charge of the management committee of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone, with the new zone being the core area and key industrial cluster of the automobile industry layout of the whole city and even the whole province, the complete industrial chain has become the key to the new zone's intelligent automobile industry platform to win the championship. According to reports, the new zone has basically built a whole-industry ecological chain integrating R & D and design, personnel training, vehicle

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Beilun traditional intangible cultural heritage exhibition held

Recently, Beilun District Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition was held in Yunqu Square, Guoju subdistrict, which opened the prelude to the series of intangible cultural heritage activities of Beilun District's "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day".

With the drum beating, two lively little lions danced. "This is a lion dance in Meishan! It needs one to work hard to jump on the plum blossom pile. The performers in front and behind are very tired. You see that the lion's eyes are still moving!" the onlooker Grandpa Cai said with excitement while watching the performance.

At the event site, there were a number of intangible cultural heritage performances such as Guo Ju's "horse lantern dance", "sound puppets", "  Fish-drying dance", Beilun's "Chuanshanzaofu", "big tank", etc. "Xinqi paper-cutting" "Folk Color Embroidery" and "Huqin

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