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Ninghai boosts tangerine growing

In October, the early maturing varieties of tangerine gradually mature and enter the picking period. On the morning of October 15, together with his workers, Ge Wenjun, the head of Tianyi Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative in Huchen Township of Ninghai

County, were picking up the “Youliang” tangerines independently cultivated in Ninghai County. “At present, there is only a small amount of market supply. In a week or so, the quality of ‘Youliang’ tangerines will reach the best and the peak picking season will also come.” To Ge Wenjun’s delight, this year’s sales price of tangerines has significantly increased compared with the same period of last year. The wholesale price at the origin is 14 yuan per kilogram, and the retail price is 20 yuan per kilogram. The tangerines are mainly supplied to the markets in and around Ningbo.

Tianyi Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative now has a tangerine growing area of 550 mu, mainly for the local variety of “Youliang” and the introduced variety of “Red Beauty”. According to Ge Wenjun, the cooperative invested two million yuan in the installation of the spray and drip irrigation facilities in the tangerine fields, which made a great difference when the weather was dry this year: the drought had little impact on the growth of the tangerines. At present, the “Youliang” tangerine has entered its final growth period.

The tangerine growing is one of the leading agricultural industries in Ninghai County, with a planting area of over 40,000 mu. A few years ago, due to the aging of tree species and backward varieties, the local tangerines were unsalable.

In order to break the bottleneck of the development of tangerine growing, in recent years, Ninghai County has continuously introduced and cultivated fine varieties, and guided farmers to adjust the variety structure. As a result, the tangerine industry has ushered in another prime time. The “Youliang” tangerine, introduced by Linte Technology Promotion Center of Ninghai County won the honorary title of “Top 10 Citrus Varieties in Zhejiang Province”. At present, the variety, as one of the most important citrus varieties in Ninghai County, has also become one of the most important citrus varieties in China


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