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Final of public square dancing held

On the afternoon of May 28, the final of the "red azalea" healthy square dancing was finished in the Olympic Sports Center. 25 teams from all over the city competed on the stage and displayed their styles. More than 500 people took part in the competition.
It is reported that the "red azalea" exhibition activities of the grass-roots literature and art associations are a stage built by Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles for grass-roots literature and art teams and artists, known as the most grounded literature and art activities. The healthy square dancing competition started in March this year, and each district and county held a trial competition respectively. As a result, 25 teams emerged and joined the final.
In addition to the elderly, there are also young people in the teams that made the final. For example, the contestants of Xiepu Town, Zhenhai District, are all young girls in their twenties. Their performance "Xiepu hometown" is full of vitality and refreshing

Xiangshan Awarded the "Hometown of Chinese Rural Gentry Culture"

It was learned from Xiangshan a few days ago that the county was awarded the title of "Hometown of Chinese Rural Gentry Culture" by the Chinese Ethics Society, becoming the first county-level administrative region in the city and the second in the province to receive this honor.

In recent years, the United Front Work Department of the Xiangshan County Party Committee has actively promoted the construction of the virtuous culture, and coordinated with relevant units to integrate the outstanding deeds of the virtuous villagers from the past to the present, refine the spiritual quality, and integrate with the mainstream spirit of the new era. the first paper cutting hall in Zhejiang Province was founded in Dongchen Township to spread the virtuous culture. At the same time, the use of various townships, streets and village-level township cultural corridors and other exhibition venues contributes to build a systematic cultural position of the township.

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Ninghai "Stone Village": a potential destination for leisure and holiday

Picking cherries, visiting ancient villages, watching performances...Three days before the "May 1st" holiday, there were rich and various cultural and tourism activities in Xumin Village, Ninghai Chayuan Township, attracting waves of citizens and tourists. Ms. Xie from Shanghai came here for the first time on holiday. She said: “Bringing children here to appreciate the rural scenery and experience the fun of farming is very rewarding.”

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An "Art Visiting" Activating Residents' Creativity

During the "May 1st" holiday, Chengyang Village, Dongqian Lake Town welcomed a record high daily passenger flow, exploring the model of "art invigorating the countryside" to create a "future well-known international tourist village". On May 5, the secretaries and resident representatives of Danfeng Community and Zijuan Community, Baihe Street, Yinzhou District, walked into Chengyang Village and started a special “art visiting”.

"Chengyang Village is even better than the city now!" "These designs are so ingenious!" Along the way, everyone couldn't help but marvel at the beautiful butterfly changes in Chengyang Village.

From an obscure small mountain village to the current "net celebrity village", Chengyang Village took only 9 months to build thirty or forty nodes, which can be described as one scene at a time, and one scene at a time.

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Interesting landscape belt built under the bridge

Recently, when people drive past Chenglang Bridge (the intersection of Yongda Road and Jiangdongnan Road), they will find that the previous dense and uneven greenery under the bridge was replaced with newly laid "painted patterns", which is quite refreshing.

The renovation and upgrading of the space under the viaduct has become a topic of concern to the public. Parking lots, gymnasiums, warehouses... the unique transformation has turned the city's "negative space" into a "positive space", which further promotes the improvement of the city's quality. However, some space factors are limited, and how should we deal with the space under the bridge that does not have the "inherent conditions"? Yinzhou District provides a solution.

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