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Ningbo releases report of overseas contracted projects

“Overseas contracting is one of the important ways for Ningbo enterprises to ‘go global’ and also an important starting point for jointly building the ‘Belt and Road’ area.” said a related person in charge from Ningbo Bureau of Commerce recently. The latest statistics show that the city has achieved a total labor cooperation turnover of US$25.64 billion for overseas contracted projects in 91 countries and regions.

With the continuous promotion of the joint building of the “Belt and Road” area to the direction of high-quality development, Ningbo has begun to change from the scale and speed type to the quality and efficiency type in terms of foreign contracted projects. Construction enterprises have been actively expanding overseas markets, participating in the country’s foreign economic assistance and the construction of “Belt and Road” projects, by undertaking projects in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

In 2021, there were 186 registered overseas enterprises and institutions, with the registered (approved) Chinese investment of US$2.43 billion, an increase of 85.92% over 2012, and the turnover of labor cooperation in overseas contracted projects stood atUS$1.88 billion, an increase of 51.86% over 2012.

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As the "Second Water Source" of Ningbo, the Way to Recycled Water Utilization in Ningbo Is Getting Wider and Wider

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Environment Group, Ningbo began to explore the use of recycled water as early as 2013. Nowadays, recycled water is becoming the "second water source" of Yongcheng and plays an important role in social life.

Water quality is constantly rising

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Enterprise-talent Docking Month campaign launched

The “enterprise-talent docking month” campaign, including a cloud launching ceremony, seven cloud talent attraction activities and seven offline talent attraction activities, was officially launched on the morning of February 6 and would last for 53 days. It is reported that this is also the first docking activity for enterprises and talents in the new year in Zhejiang Province. According to the organizers, nearly 10,000 enterprises and about 100,000 talents will participate in the matchmaking and negotiation in the following period of the campaign.

The 33rd Job Fair for University Graduates (online) was launched in the meantime. At this largest exchange and docking platform for graduates this year, participating enterprises or organizations can conduct cloud negotiations on Ningbo Human Resources Comprehensive Service Platform of from 9 am to 3 pm every day. On February 11, a centralized docking activity online will be launched, when the recruitment directors of over 800 enterprises from all over the city will talk online with graduates looking for jobs. As is known, as an important activity of the docking month campaign, the 2022 cloud recruitment activity for high-level talents in Ningbo, a special recruitment fair for leading enterprises, will be held on February 25. At that time, more than 30 well-known enterprises and institutions in Ningbo will participate. Meanwhile, the organizers will conduct a number of offline activities,  such as the daily job fairs, the public welfare market at the Railway Station Square, the job fair at Ningbo Human Resources Market and the “double reduction” special job fair for the teaching and training industry in Ningbo.

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The dubbing competition brings a feast of sound

Recently, the final of the first dubbing competition in Ningbo was held. The event was sponsored by Haishu District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and jointly launched by Haishu District Library and Ningbo Music Radio. The top ten contestants will compete with their voice in the final.

Since the competition was launched in May, nearly 200 contestants have signed up for the competition, including college students, community workers, and corporate employees. The competition had works collection, outstanding works show and online exhibition show. The "Rematch Work Voting List" garnered more than 400,000 views, with a total vote of nearly one million. In the audition and semi-final stage, a team of mentors composed of Ningbo radio hosts and professional dubbing teachers had a strict selection of the entries.

At the final, the contestants showed their unique skills one after another. In addition to the self-selected display, the contestants also had an impromptu performance by selecting keywords such as patriotism, common wealth and Song Style on the spot, making the scene full of challenges and excitement. In the competition, there will be 1

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"5G + Smart Port", the "Big Wisdom" Behind the Intelligence

A few days ago, in the Meishan port area, the smart trucks and manual trucks based on "5G + Beidou" were seen in an orderly shuttle between the wharf and the yard, realizing multi-channel marshalling and whole ship operations under the condition of mixed lines. It is understood that some smart trucks in the port area have begun to remove security officers to conduct the test of on-site equipment such as automatic wheel cranes and other accurate perceptions throughout the process, which also means that Meishan port area is taking another step towards "5G + smart port".

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