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Cross-border E-commerce Retail Import Tax Payment Has a New Way

The Tax Electronic Payment Function Is in Trial Operation in Ningbo

On June 1, Ningbo Customs completed electronic payment of a cross-border e-commerce retail import tax. This is the first and first batch of cross-border e-commerce retail import electronic payment taxes in Zhejiang, marking the successful launch of the electronic payment function of cross-border e-commerce retail import taxes.

It is reported that import and export goods have already realized electronic payment of import and export taxes, and by the end of 2022, the national customs tax electronic payment rate reached 96.4%. However, as an emerging business format, cross-border e-commerce urgently needs to introduce electronic payment methods. The electronic payment function of cross-border e-commerce retail import tax came into being.

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Ningbo’s exemplary achievements in building seven landmarks for “Food Safety Zhejiang”

Ningbo, a city at the forefront of food safety, has achieved remarkable success in the construction of seven prominent landmarks under the “Food Safety Zhejiang” initiative. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau recently announced the first batch of pilot demonstration cities and counties for this commendable project. Among the 24 pilot demonstration projects listed, Ningbo has secured an impressive count of seven, leading the province in terms of quantity and highlighting its commitment to ensuring food safety.

Out of the seven landmarks, one project has been designated as a pilot initiative, while the remaining six projects serve as notable demonstrations. The pilot project focuses on enhancing the quality of life, promoting national nutrition and health, and strengthening diversified supply capabilities within the comprehensive framework of a livelihood security system in Ningbo City. The demonstration projects encompass three noteworthy initiatives: a closed-loop control mechanism for risk and hazard management in Ningbo City, the development of reliable agricultural and trade markets in Jiangbei District, and the implementation of food safety responsibility insurance in Yinzhou District. Additionally, three major reform demonstration projects are underway: integrated reforms to expedite rapid testing procedures in

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On-site promotional activities for World Water Day held

The on-site promotional activities for "2023 World Water Day and Chinese Water Week" were launched at Ningbo Cultural Plaza on March 19. With the theme of "activating the second water source of the city and build the happy water network for Ningbo", the activities aim to demonstrate Ningbo's achievements in water ecological civilization and the improvement of water quality. 

In the new journey towards building a leading city in water conservancy modernization, Ningbo has witnessed the springing up of a large number of livelihood project builders, volunteers who are enthusiastic about public welfare and environmental protection, and supporting citizens caring about the urban water environment, the water ecology, and water resources. On the same day, a flag awarding ceremony for the "100 large-scale water conservancy projects" was held, and awarded 10 "water conservancy publicity ambassadors", 10 demonstration units for the 2022 work of "River and Lake Chief System", 10 province-level benchmark units for water conservation, and the fourth batch of provincial water conservation publicity and education bases.

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First docking meeting for talent enterprises and finance held

"Talent can be the best match for capital. We hope to fuel up the chemical reaction between the two, and build a bridge of matching in a normalized manner, so as to promote the two-way development of the two." The recently held first docking meeting for talent enterprises and financial institutions is the best evidence of this statement.

The participating enterprises are engaged in such fields as integrated circuit design, unmanned driving, bio-medicine, and biotechnology. The on-site roadshows of talent enterprises displayed promising future development prospects. The targeted equity investment institutions and financial institutions answered questions on the spot in an earnest and sincere way.

The Talent Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau jointly created the docking meeting to focus

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Ningbo's Urban Population Is 7.585 million

Yesterday, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Statistics released the "2022 Ningbo Population Main Data Bulletin", and Ningbo's permanent population data last year was released accordingly——

At the end of 2022, the city's permanent population was 9.618 million, an increase of 74,000 compared with the permanent population of 9.544 million at the end of 2021, and one step closer to the 10 million population. Among them, the urban population is 7.585 million and the rural population is 2.033 million. The proportion of urban population in the total population (i.e. urbanization rate) was 78.9%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points compared with 2021.

Population size has always been considered one of the criteria for judging the energy level of a city, and the permanent population of "tens of millions" is one of the important thresholds.

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