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The Underwriting Scale of Ningbo Policy-based Export Credit Insurance Accounts for One-twentieth of the Country

Recently, the only policy-based insurance institution in our city, the Ningbo Branch of China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, disclosed the report card of stable foreign trade in 2022: policy-based export credit insurance underwriting supported Ningbo's exports of 37.94 billion US dollars, a record high, accounting for 5.1% of the country, 1.6 percentage points higher than the national proportion of Ningbo's exports in the same period; the export penetration rate reached 31.5%, an increase of 2.8 percentage points over the previous year, respectively higher than the national export market. The provincial average was 10.5 and 8.3 percentage points; 7,230 service support enterprises reached a record high, including 4,245 small and micro enterprises, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%.

In 2022, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation Ningbo Branch will continue to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on giving full play to the role of export credit insurance, conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, anchor goals, act courageously, and strive to promote policy-based export credit insurance to stabilize foreign trade across the cycle, achieve results, and walk ahead.

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Ningbo Port launches optimized measures for border inspection

It is learned from Ningbo Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station that according to the requirements of the “Announcement of the State Migration Administration on Policies and Measures for Optimizing Immigration Management after novel coronavirus Infection’s classification as ‘Class B Control’ disease”, from January 8, 2023, Ningbo Entry Exit Frontier Inspection Station will launch the optimization measures for border inspection in Zhenhai District, Beilun District, Chuanshan Port area, Daxie Port area, Meishan Port area, Xiangshan Port and other open ports under its jurisdiction.

On issuing permit for boarding and disembarking foreign ships

Personnel who need to get on and off a foreign ship due to loading and unloading goods, maintenance operations, visits, visiting relatives, or working on board shall submit relevant documents to Ningbo Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station as required and apply for permission to get on and off. For the application for temporary boarding and disembarking foreign ships, a permit will be valid for the current voyage or for the designated ship within one month. For long-term application for boarding and disembarking foreign ships, a permit for more than one month but less than one year shall be issued.

On issuing permit for ships to call on foreign ships

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The Study of "Sea Silk" in Ningbo Has Added New Achievements, and the Book Tian Tong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road Was Published

A few days ago, one of the Ningbo Museum's Maritime Silk Road research series, Tiantong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road, was published by Zhejiang Ancient Books Publishing House. Written by Mo Yida, deputy director of the Maritime Silk Road Research Center of the Ningbo Museum, the book sorted out the development of Tian Tong Temple and expounded the exchange between Tian Tong Temple and Japanese Buddhist culture, which is a new achievement of the "Sea Silk" study in our city.

Mo Yida said that Tiantong Temple occupies an important position in the study of the Ningbo Maritime Silk Road, which involves the dissemination of Buddhist ideas, the exchange of personnel and monks, the dissemination of architectural art, and the influence of folk customs. However, because more people only focus on the highlights and lack basic research, Mo Yida decided to start from the monk examination and restore the status and role of Tiantong Temple in the dissemination of Zen Buddhism in China and Japan.

Tiantong Temple and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road totals 600,000 words, tracing back to the legend of the "Taibai Jingshe" in the Western Jin Dynasty to the end of the Yuan and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, taking the time line to comprehensively sort out the

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Statistics of imported food in Ningbo released

With the reduction of taxes on consumer goods and the implementation of the RCEP agreement, Ningbo has witnessed a bigger variety of imported food, and some of the once novel food has become common. Which imported food has become the new force? What imported food possesses potential for popularity? Recently, Ningbo Customs has released the big data of imported food in the first ten months of this year.

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Ningbo ranks No.1 in terms of number of safe and honest shipping companies

It is learned from Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration that this year, Ningbo witnessed the addition of a new safe and honest shipping company, and three new safe and honest shipping companies won the annual endorsement. The number of safe and honest shipping companies accounted for 12% of the total number of safe and honest shipping companies in China, ranking first in the country. In addition, 32 Ningbo ships have been newly evaluated as safe and honest ships.

So far, there are 76 safe and honest ships in Ningbo, ranking No.1 in Zhejiang Province and No.3 in China for three consecutive years, accounting for 74% of the total safe and honest ships in Zhejiang Province and 12.5% in the country.

“The steady growth of safe and honest shipping companies and safe and honest ships fully demonstrates the safety management ability of Ningbo shipping enterprises and the good reputation and competitiveness of Ningbo’s fleet in the country.” said Huang Geng, Director of the Ship Supervision Division of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration. In order to help Ningbo ships and Ningbo shipping enterprises further improve their safety management capabilities and build a world-class competitive Ningbo fleet and world-class

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