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On-site promotional activities for World Water Day held

The on-site promotional activities for "2023 World Water Day and Chinese Water Week" were launched at Ningbo Cultural Plaza on March 19. With the theme of "activating the second water source of the city and build the happy water network for Ningbo", the activities aim to demonstrate Ningbo's achievements in water ecological civilization and the improvement of water quality. 

In the new journey towards building a leading city in water conservancy modernization, Ningbo has witnessed the springing up of a large number of livelihood project builders, volunteers who are enthusiastic about public welfare and environmental protection, and supporting citizens caring about the urban water environment, the water ecology, and water resources. On the same day, a flag awarding ceremony for the "100 large-scale water conservancy projects" was held, and awarded 10 "water conservancy publicity ambassadors", 10 demonstration units for the 2022 work of "River and Lake Chief System", 10 province-level benchmark units for water conservation, and the fourth batch of provincial water conservation publicity and education bases.

At the event site, Ningbo Water Environment Group displayed 870 creative paintings of manhole covers collected from preschool children and primary and secondary school students in the city in advance. These works, with the theme of "saving water, cherishing water, loving water, and protecting water", are full of creativity and childlike interest

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