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Ningbo Port Area resumes the normalized port state supervision and inspection

"Good morning, sir!" The captain of the "Evelyn Maersk" ship, GEISLER ERIK WOER, greeted and shook hands with the four maritime inspectors.

Yesterday, four PSC inspectors from the Ningbo Maritime Administration boarded the deck of the Danish ship "Evelyn Maersk" to carry out port state supervision and inspection. This is the first port state supervision and inspection of Ningbo Port Area since 2020, marking the official resumption of the normalized port state supervision and inspection of foreign ships in Ningbo Port Area.

The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Maritime Administration said that port state supervision (PSC) inspection is an important means for governments to carry out safety inspection on foreign ships arriving at their ports in accordance with international conventions, and an important form of exercising national sovereignty. "The normalization of PSC inspection can promote the safe and smooth water traffic in the port area, which is of great significance to Ningbo Zhoushan Port, and will also promote the further recovery of the shipping economy in Ningbo and even Zhejiang, and ensure the continuous stability of the water logistics supply chain."

Since 2020, the PSC on-site boarding inspection at Ningbo Port has to press the pause button. In order to ensure the safety of ship navigation and the efficiency of port operation, the maritime department has boldly innovated the supervision and inspection methods, and has successively initiated and put forward mechanisms and measures such as "remote tracking and inspection of port state supervision" and "no inspection in case of temporary opening" to help the development of shipping economy and port trade facilitation.

"Since the optimization and adjustment of the prevention and control policy, we have actively planned to make detailed and sufficient preparations for the first ship boarding in three years." Huang Geng, director of the Ship Supervision Department of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration, said, "After the resumption of on-site inspection, we will not abandon remote inspection. We will further make good use of digital means such as' remote reality ', and work together online and offline to improve the efficiency of PSC inspection and ensure the safe operation of ships

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