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Cross-border E-commerce Retail Import Tax Payment Has a New Way

The Tax Electronic Payment Function Is in Trial Operation in Ningbo

On June 1, Ningbo Customs completed electronic payment of a cross-border e-commerce retail import tax. This is the first and first batch of cross-border e-commerce retail import electronic payment taxes in Zhejiang, marking the successful launch of the electronic payment function of cross-border e-commerce retail import taxes.

It is reported that import and export goods have already realized electronic payment of import and export taxes, and by the end of 2022, the national customs tax electronic payment rate reached 96.4%. However, as an emerging business format, cross-border e-commerce urgently needs to introduce electronic payment methods. The electronic payment function of cross-border e-commerce retail import tax came into being.

This function is led by the Tax Collection and Administration Bureau (Shanghai) of the General Administration of Customs and is based on the newly added functions of the new generation of electronic payment system for taxes and fees of the existing customs. Different from the traditional bank counter tax payment model, enterprises only need to click the mouse in the "single window" of customs to inquire online and complete the payment of cross-border e-commerce retail import tax.

"The best feeling is that it is fast, the time to pay taxes is faster, and the customs clearance of goods is also faster. In the past, we had to collect the paper tax form at the customs, and then pay the tax stamp at the bank, and the customs business personnel would only verify and release the bank after seeing the bank stamp on the spot. After counting, you need to run back and forth at least twice. Wang Shilei, the relevant person in charge of the first batch of early adopters, Ningbo Yimei Risheng Trading Co., Ltd., told that with the electronic payment of import taxes, he has just paid the taxes online, and the customs can automatically verify the registration.

After the launch of this function, it expands the economic region of enterprises, breaks the time and space limitations of the original tax payment mode of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, allows information to "run the network" instead of enterprises to "run the road", and truly uses technology to achieve zero-distance customs clearance.

In addition, business users can pay security deposits, late fees, late fees, etc. through the electronic tax payment function.

In the next step, Ningbo Customs will continue to focus on key areas and key projects to accelerate the exploration of smart customs, accelerate the reform of customs clearance integration, the reform of tax self-declaration and self-payment, continue to help the development of service enterprises, win business opportunities for cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and contribute customs wisdom to the vigorous development of export-oriented economy

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