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Ningbo's Urban Population Is 7.585 million

Yesterday, the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Statistics released the "2022 Ningbo Population Main Data Bulletin", and Ningbo's permanent population data last year was released accordingly——

At the end of 2022, the city's permanent population was 9.618 million, an increase of 74,000 compared with the permanent population of 9.544 million at the end of 2021, and one step closer to the 10 million population. Among them, the urban population is 7.585 million and the rural population is 2.033 million. The proportion of urban population in the total population (i.e. urbanization rate) was 78.9%, an increase of 0.5 percentage points compared with 2021.

Population size has always been considered one of the criteria for judging the energy level of a city, and the permanent population of "tens of millions" is one of the important thresholds.

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Ningbo ranks among top in per capita consumption expenditure

In 2022, affected by multiple factors, the consumption desire and consumption behavior of the national residents were generally in a downturn trend: the per capita consumption expenditure of residents stood at 24,538 yuan, with a nominal increase of 1.8%, far less than the per capita disposable income growth (an increase of 5.0%).

According to the analysis of the per capita consumption expenditure of residents in some key cities in the Yangtze River Delta area (including the municipality directly under the Central Government, sub-provincial cities, provincial capitals and cities with a GDP above one trillion yuan) by the Ningbo Evening News, the per capita consumption expenditure performance of many cities is not ideal. However, over the past year, Ningbo has performed well in terms of per capita consumption expenditure, ranking among the top three cities in the Yangtze River Delta, with a considerable growth rate.

Ningbo’s consumption grows considerably

Among the seven major cities in the Yangtze River Delta area, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Ningbo rank among the top three in terms of per capita consumption expenditure in 2022, with the amount of 46,440 yuan, 46,045 yuan and 42,997 yuan respectively.

To be specific, Hangzhou won the championship by virtue of its 4.1% growth rate and Shanghai came the second place, with a negative growth.

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Ningbo seeks the "optimal solution" of land space governance

In the process of building a new pattern of development and promoting high-quality development, how can the petrochemical zone and surrounding villages coexist and win? In Zhenhai Jiaochuan, a 11.6-kilometer-long Haitian forest belt is set up as an environmental safety barrier through cross-town resettlement, which not only promotes the agricultural industrial modernization of 4120 mu of cultivated land in the three surrounding villages, but also integrates scattered industrial land to promote the quality and efficiency of the two industrial parks in the petrochemical economic development zone. A demonstration area of the integration of green industry, science and innovation is coming out.

Zhenhai Jiaochuan area is one of the first demonstration areas in the pilot project of comprehensive land and space renovation in Ningbo. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning that since Ningbo became the only nationwide pilot project for comprehensive land and space renovation in January last year, 249 renovation projects in 11 demonstration areas in the city have been launched.

These projects explore the "optimal solution" of land space governance by focusing on food and ecological security, the implementation of major national strategies, the improvement of urban functional quality, and the conservation and intensive use of land resources.

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Ningbo Port Area resumes the normalized port state supervision and inspection

"Good morning, sir!" The captain of the "Evelyn Maersk" ship, GEISLER ERIK WOER, greeted and shook hands with the four maritime inspectors.

Yesterday, four PSC inspectors from the Ningbo Maritime Administration boarded the deck of the Danish ship "Evelyn Maersk" to carry out port state supervision and inspection. This is the first port state supervision and inspection of Ningbo Port Area since 2020, marking the official resumption of the normalized port state supervision and inspection of foreign ships in Ningbo Port Area.

The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Maritime Administration said that port state supervision (PSC) inspection is an important means for governments to carry out safety inspection on foreign ships arriving at their ports in accordance with international conventions, and an important form of exercising national sovereignty. "The normalization of PSC inspection can promote the safe and smooth water traffic in the port area, which is of great significance to Ningbo Zhoushan Port, and will also promote the further recovery of the shipping economy in Ningbo and even Zhejiang, and ensure the continuous stability of the water logistics supply chain."

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Ningbo's Imports from Central and Eastern European Countries Exceeded 10 Billion Yuan for the First Time

Yesterday from the customs of Ningbo Free Trade Zone learned that last year, the city's trade with Central and Eastern European countries handed over a brilliant report card, the annual import and export volume reached 45.04 billion yuan, of which the import volume exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark for the first time, reaching 11.15 billion yuan, and the export volume was 33.89 billion yuan, an increase of 47.5% and 10.5% respectively year-on-year.

Meat import data is very impressive. Last year, Ningbo import enterprises further increased cooperation with producers of high-quality agricultural and food products such as meat in Central and Eastern Europe, and imports soared. For example, Ningbo Federal Changyun International Trade Co., Ltd. signed a 200 million US dollar letter of intent for meat imports from Central and Eastern Europe, which greatly enriched the choice of citizens to import meat. In addition, in the many "Hi Shopping Central and Eastern Europe" series of road exhibitions launched in our city, frozen beef gift boxes are widely welcomed by consumers, with a cumulative sales of nearly 10,000 pieces.

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