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Ningbo Launched a New Round of Manufacturing Upgrade

By the end of 2025, we will eliminate a total of 2,000 enterprises with backward production capacity, rectify and upgrade 4,000 high-consumption and low-efficiency enterprises, rectify 5,000 "scattered and polluted" enterprises, and free up a total of 30 square kilometers of low-efficiency industrial land. The goal of 600,000 yuan per mu of tax per mu of Shanghai Industry... Recently, our city has launched a new round of manufacturing "to change the cage for the bird, and the phoenix to nirvana". According to the plan, our city will intensify the replacement of manufacturing enterprises and blocks, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and accelerate towards a new highland for the overall industrial governance of the manufacturing industry and a leading city for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Ningbo's manufacturing industry has a solid foundation and has seen steady progress in recent years. However, the shortage of industrial land and the urgent need for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy have become increasingly prominent. How to break the shackles? The answer given by Ningbo is to speed up the transfer mode and adjust the structure, so as to realize high quality upgrade.

According to reports, different from the previous measures in the manufacturing industry, this plan will focus more on speeding up the replacement of enterprises and blocks by eliminating the drawback. According to the plan, our city will combine the reform of average output to find out the background of industrial entrepreneurs, establish three lists of high-consumption and low-efficiency enterprises, "scattered and polluted" enterprises, and backward production capacity enterprises, and then implement the classification and rectification of backward enterprises.

Among them, enterprises that violate laws and regulations and fail to meet the rectification standards or fail to rectify within the time limit shall be resolutely dealt with in accordance with the law; for other enterprises, comprehensive rectification shall be carried out by means of merger and reorganization, overall vacation, relocation into parks, transformation and upgrading, etc., Industrial park platform and the industrial performance supervision mechanism of enterprises. In addition, our city will promote the rectification and improvement of special process environment enterprises in the three major industrial chains of foundry, printing and dyeing, and surface treatment (electroplating, spraying), and accelerate the construction of regional centers in the above three industries.

At the same time, our city will formulate and implement a special plan for industrial agglomeration areas, carry out the disposal of idle and low-efficiency land, and encourage the increase of factory buildings, "zero land" technical transformation, renovation and other methods to improve the output level; in the formulation of the city's industrial land At the same time as the secondary market management measures, build a supervision platform and explore a mechanism for renewing contracts when industrial land expires; deepen the reform of “standard land”, establish a consultation mechanism for industrial land subject qualifications and industrial access review departments, and continuously speed up rectification and improve inefficiency Industrial land.

On the basis of carrying out the action of eliminating backwardness, our city will also implement the action of innovating and strengthening the industry, recruiting the big and attracting the strong, and improving the quality, and strive to form a more optimized spatial layout and more obvious industrial characteristics by the end of 2025, Ningbo modern industrial system with stronger innovation power, more intensive factor resources and more efficient management services

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