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Enterprise-talent Docking Month campaign launched

The “enterprise-talent docking month” campaign, including a cloud launching ceremony, seven cloud talent attraction activities and seven offline talent attraction activities, was officially launched on the morning of February 6 and would last for 53 days. It is reported that this is also the first docking activity for enterprises and talents in the new year in Zhejiang Province. According to the organizers, nearly 10,000 enterprises and about 100,000 talents will participate in the matchmaking and negotiation in the following period of the campaign.

The 33rd Job Fair for University Graduates (online) was launched in the meantime. At this largest exchange and docking platform for graduates this year, participating enterprises or organizations can conduct cloud negotiations on Ningbo Human Resources Comprehensive Service Platform of from 9 am to 3 pm every day. On February 11, a centralized docking activity online will be launched, when the recruitment directors of over 800 enterprises from all over the city will talk online with graduates looking for jobs. As is known, as an important activity of the docking month campaign, the 2022 cloud recruitment activity for high-level talents in Ningbo, a special recruitment fair for leading enterprises, will be held on February 25. At that time, more than 30 well-known enterprises and institutions in Ningbo will participate. Meanwhile, the organizers will conduct a number of offline activities,  such as the daily job fairs, the public welfare market at the Railway Station Square, the job fair at Ningbo Human Resources Market and the “double reduction” special job fair for the teaching and training industry in Ningbo.

According to news from Ningbo Human Resources Market of China, in this year’s enterprise-talent docking month,  based on the newly built comprehensive service platform, the market will upgrade such service functions as online interviews, resume analysis, live post and direct delivery of resume, so as to realize the intelligent and accurate docking between supply and demand, and help enterprises attract more talents and help talents finding jobs more efficiently and accurately. In the meantime, Ningbo will join hands with several sister cities to attract talents. Recently, it will launch the joint talent attraction activities in Wuhan and Nanjing in joint hands with Hangzhou, and cooperate with Zhoushan to conduct the cloud job fairs and talent attraction activities at the district or county level in joint efforts. In addition, in accordance with the development needs of characteristic industrial enterprises in Ningbo, a number of special recruitment activities will be launched for the machinery manufacturing industry, the foreign trade industry, the leading enterprises and the teaching and training industry respectively

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