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"5G + Smart Port", the "Big Wisdom" Behind the Intelligence

A few days ago, in the Meishan port area, the smart trucks and manual trucks based on "5G + Beidou" were seen in an orderly shuttle between the wharf and the yard, realizing multi-channel marshalling and whole ship operations under the condition of mixed lines. It is understood that some smart trucks in the port area have begun to remove security officers to conduct the test of on-site equipment such as automatic wheel cranes and other accurate perceptions throughout the process, which also means that Meishan port area is taking another step towards "5G + smart port".

On the premise of not changing the traditional terminal business operation mode, with the help of new technology and process innovation, while continuously improving the automation, digitization and intelligent capabilities of single equipment, and formulating new operating rules to help the realization of the new technical route, Meishan The port area is the biggest feature of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Smart Port Construction Pilot Demonstration Zone, and it is also an important reason why "5G + Smart Port" was selected as the "Best Application" of Ningbo's digital reform, "because it is more meaningful for reference and replication." Ningbo Peng Jie, deputy general manager of Meidong Container Terminal Co., Ltd

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