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The dubbing competition brings a feast of sound

Recently, the final of the first dubbing competition in Ningbo was held. The event was sponsored by Haishu District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and jointly launched by Haishu District Library and Ningbo Music Radio. The top ten contestants will compete with their voice in the final.

Since the competition was launched in May, nearly 200 contestants have signed up for the competition, including college students, community workers, and corporate employees. The competition had works collection, outstanding works show and online exhibition show. The "Rematch Work Voting List" garnered more than 400,000 views, with a total vote of nearly one million. In the audition and semi-final stage, a team of mentors composed of Ningbo radio hosts and professional dubbing teachers had a strict selection of the entries.

At the final, the contestants showed their unique skills one after another. In addition to the self-selected display, the contestants also had an impromptu performance by selecting keywords such as patriotism, common wealth and Song Style on the spot, making the scene full of challenges and excitement. In the competition, there will be 1

first, second and third prize respectively, 7 winners and 1 most popular prize.

The presiding organizer said: "the competition aims to promote reading for all people in multiple ways, assist the construction of “the city of culture”, and promote the popularization of art for the whole people. I hope that more sound lovers will participate in the dubbing competition in the future and tell the story of Ningbo in the form of dubbing. "

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