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Talent-project docking fair for returned talents held

On the morning of June 14, the talent-project docking fair for the "Ningbo Summit of 1000 Returned Talents" was held by the picturesque Siming Lake, attracting over 400 attendees, including representatives from prominent domestic investment agencies, high-end talents and talent teams in the robot and intelligence economy field from home and abroad, members of the overseas high-end talent fraternity of Ningbo, and representatives from related local enterprises.

In recent years, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government have acceleratted its pace in building the "deep-blue intelligent valley" and an ideal ecology for talents by focusing on the talent work in technological innovation and transformation. So far, 97 high-end talent teams and 333 returned talents have been listed in the "3315 Plan", including 75 selected in the national "1000 Talents Plan" and 198 in the provincial "1000 Talents Plan". With an annual increase of over 1600 talents, there are now over 8000 high-end returned talents in Ningbo.

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Preparations well made to ensure smooth going of the College Entrance Examination

On June 3rd, Xia Suzhen, Vice Director of Yinzhou District, checked preparatory work of College Entrance Examination and raised some specific requirements with a group of responsible persons from other departments. The five exam sites and confidentiality rooms in Yinzhou have been well prepared with emergency preparedness and response plan to safeguard this year’s examinations. 

    The Education Bureau will cooperate with other departments to ensure the safety of exam papers and strengthen the management of secret-related personnel. Meanwhile, the Education Bureau will cooperate with Public Security Bureau and Industry and Information Technology Bureau to inform students the harm of cheating and the importance of honesty. Important equipment, information system and website operation will be monitored to avoid every kind of cheating. At the same time, examination services will be provided timely for the students, such as information reminding before and during the exam, the timeline of enrollment plan, minimum passing score, college application information and admission results

Career experience and development center for students opens

On the afternoon of May 15, the Career Experience and Development Center, located at No.462 of Wenyuan Road of Yinzhou District, started its trial operation, with the students from Ningbo Economic & Trade School, Kongpu Middle School and Zhuangqiao Middle School as the first group of testers.

With a total construction area of 7710 square meters, the center consists of the occupation tendency testing area on the first floor, which is further divided into occupation exhibition hall, occupation tendency testing room and occupation classroom, and the occupation experience halls on the second to fourth floors, where students can have a better understanding of each occupation in such fields as art, research, intellectual work and business, and thus figure out the suitable occupation for themselves.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Education Bureau, most students do not pay much attention to the career choice. In particular, when choosing their majors in college, most students are more concerned with their grades than their own interests. Reportedly, the center will arrange career planning supervisors to guide the students and give them some tips for the suitable occupations at different stages.   

For the students, besides the in-depth occupation experience, the occupation tendency test and the credit certificate, they can enjoy specialized guidance from the career planning supervisors and obtain a personalized testing report. With the integrated consideration of ambition, interest and potential, the report aims to provide some scientific basis and help the students in their high school or college application and their choice of majors in college

The First Cross-Border E-Commerce Job Fair Conducted In Ningbo

What sorts of talents are urgently needed in Ningbo? A serious shortage of E-commerce chief operational officer has been shown in the 9th Round of Talent Shortage Index in Ningbo (for the year 2015). Actually the shortage index for the jobs related to e-commerce is rather high. These jobs include E-commerce general manager, E-commerce platform designer and runner, advanced interactive designer or art designer and logistical designer, etc. The shortage can be particularly serious in cross-border e-commerce, which serves as a branch of E-commerce.

On June 4th , 2016 Ningbo Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises Human Resource Fair was conducted in Ningbo Import Exhibition and Trade Center ,which was the first job fair specifically for cross-border e-commerce talents in Ningbo.

The reasons causing the talent shortage

High comprehensive demands

How can the shortage of cross-border e-commerce talent shortage be so serious? There was an interaction round in this job fair (to solve the shortage. ) Apart from 49 cross-border e-commerce enterprises and 16 human resource agencies serving as cross-border e-commerce special service providers, there were also 8 schools in and out of Ningbo City participating this fair along with nearly 500 cross-border e-commerce majors.

Speaking of the current need for cross-border e-commerce talents in Ningbo, Pan Weiping , Vice President of Ningbo Human Resource Industry Association described it as very urgent. He explained that cross-border e-commerce was a foreign trade service platform which needed the talents with many fields of expertise including foreign languages, foreign-related laws and regulations, foreign-related culture plus international financial transactions. The mismatch between realistic demands and the single-major education mode in universities also contributed to the shortage of cross-border e-commerce talents.

Who are the hotcakes?

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Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association established

Recently, the Ningbo Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association was established, with Zhang Yan, President and General Manager of Ningbo Jizhi Technology Co. Ltd., being the first director.

The association, serving as a communication bridge for the young entrepreneurs, aims to promote the exchange and cooperation between young entrepreneurs and government, colleges and enterprises. Meanwhile, the association will help to solve various technical or non-technical problems of the young entrepreneurs through all kinds of platforms. By integrating the resources, it will develop in spotting high-quality venture projects, improving venture investment and building venture incubation platforms, and thus promote Ningbo’s construction as an entrepreneurial city.

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