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Talent Introduction Program Forges Brainpower of Cixi

At the beginning of “13th Five-Year”, a new round of grabbing high-level talents has started. Cixi begins to simplify the review process of “Shanglin Excellence” , largely improving the review’s efficiency. After releasing 19 selected lists and projects in the 7th batch of the program in March this year, the 8th batch will start its defense this month.
Connected with “the national scheme”(a plan for introducing high-level oversease talents), “the provincial scheme” and “Ningbo 3315”Excellence plan and to build “the brain”, Cixi launched “Shanglin Excellence” program in June, 2011. To the first half of this year, Cixi has finished 7 batches’ review of “Shanglin Excellence” program, including 113 initiative projects, 81 plans that have been implemented and 2 projects worth billions of yuan. So far it has introduced and converged 11 experts in the national scheme, such as Luo Peidong and Hua Shaobing, 3 professionals in the pronvincial scheme including Huang Biying, 7 projects of Ningbo "3115 team", 9 of "3115 individual plan" and 1 of "3115 e-commerce team".
Shanglin Lake is the land mark of Cixi's celadon culture, whose spirit is also one of the core values and ethos of our city. When it comes to the reason why named the excellence plan "Shanglin" and the enthusiasm about the"second start-up" , supporting the second soar development of Cixi with talents and.intelligence, the head of Cixi talents office suggests that they would inherit the special.ethos of "Shanglin", develop perseverance, encourage the passion for starting up and innovation. Faced with talents competition, the model of attracting talents by preferential policy will be transformed to by good environment and service, speeding up making the "Shanglin wisdom pool", a city with best environment and talents and making a contribution to attracting high-level innovative talents that Cixi badly needs for its economic and social development.

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The 24th Japan-South Korea-China Youth Games Rounded Off

Sponsored by the State General Administration of Sports and organized by Zhejiang Municipal Sports Bureau and Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, the 24th Japan-South Korea-China Youth Games was rounded off in Ningbo International Exhibition & Convention Center on the night of Aug.27th. Liu Fumin, director in charge of youth sports in the State General Administration of Sports and head of China’s sports delegation, Okazaki, head of Japan’s sports delegation, Park Chu-han, head of South Korea’s sports delegation, Zhang Minghua, deputy mayor of Ningbo and other important figures attended the closing ceremony cum the evening gala on Aug.27th.
On the ceremony, the athletes from three countries shared their euphoria and strengthened the bonds by partying. Over a half among 17 performances saw the participation of teenage athletes, among which China’s handball team and football team separately presented dances called “Dad! What’s Wrong” and “Tun’er” while South Korean basketball and volleyball teams gave performances like Hip-Pop and Japanese ping-pong and rugby teams displayed their vigor by the dances such as “Lucky Cookies in Love”. China’s wrestling team specially came to Ningbo and contributed a show on wrestling regardless of their absence in the Youth Games. All the athletes devoted themselves to a spectacularly large show named as “Let’s Fly Together”, walking on the stage hand in hand, yelling and bouncing with the hope to a promising future.

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Ningbo-Taiwan College Students Summer Camp held

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Ningbo-Taiwan College Students Summer Camp, co-hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Ningbo, Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo Townsmen Association in Taipei and Taiwanese Association in Ningbo, was held at Ningbo Polytechnic on August 4. Wang Jiankang, Deputy-director of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Party Committee, attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech. 
Since 1993, the summer camp has been held for 23 years so far. With the support of the Ningbo Townsmen Association in Taipei and colleges in Taiwan, it has become a long-standing and large-scale organized communication activity for college students, playing a positive role in strengthening the communications of the college students in the two places, building the cultural recognition of the two parts, and promoting the cross-strait relationship and peaceful development. 
The summer camp will last for ten days. 35 students from 18 colleges or universities in Ningbo and Taiwan will conduct such activities as "visiting Ningbo NPC", "visiting enterprises", "visiting Taiwanese Association in communities", "visiting fruit gardens" and experiencing intangible cultural heritage. They will visit the Tianyi Pavilion, the Xiangshan Film & TV City, the Xikou Scenic Area in Fenghua County, the former residence of Wang Yangming, the Hemudu Site, the Nantang Ancient Street, Ningbo Port, Ningbobang Museum, the cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base and Lu Xun's former residence in Shaoxing. Besides, the camp members will have exchanges with the students and teachers from some colleges or universities in Ningbo, including Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo University, Ningbo University of Technology, and Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College

Ningbo University to Invest 10bn Yuan in Soliciting Elite

On Aug. 12th, Ningbo held this year’s discussion about the work of local colleges whose presidents and responsible Party secretaries gathered together in a careful deliberation of the loopholes of their school management and corresponding solutions.

The representative of Ningbo University enumerated the hindrances of its development, including the lack of high-caliber personnel, weak and undistinguished disciplines and an imbalance in the system fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, etc.

For each weakness mentioned, the university released corresponding documents of solutions. Its representative expressed its commitment to investing over 10bn yuan every year during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan so as to recruit 100 talents with at least a doctorate each year and 80 salient savants including academicians, Chang Jiang Scholars, outstanding youths, global experts and so forth within five years.

In terms of the disciplines, during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan, the university strives to improve their national ranks or even the global ranks, while putting a premium on three major fields expected to boost the industrial transformation of Zhejiang and Ningbo, namely, modern marine science, telecommunications and life and health.

Talent-project docking fair for returned talents held

On the morning of June 14, the talent-project docking fair for the "Ningbo Summit of 1000 Returned Talents" was held by the picturesque Siming Lake, attracting over 400 attendees, including representatives from prominent domestic investment agencies, high-end talents and talent teams in the robot and intelligence economy field from home and abroad, members of the overseas high-end talent fraternity of Ningbo, and representatives from related local enterprises.

In recent years, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government have acceleratted its pace in building the "deep-blue intelligent valley" and an ideal ecology for talents by focusing on the talent work in technological innovation and transformation. So far, 97 high-end talent teams and 333 returned talents have been listed in the "3315 Plan", including 75 selected in the national "1000 Talents Plan" and 198 in the provincial "1000 Talents Plan". With an annual increase of over 1600 talents, there are now over 8000 high-end returned talents in Ningbo.

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