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Talents in Ningbo total 1.739 million

In recent years, with the construction of "blue intelligent valley" and "ecologically excellent city for talents", Ningbo has attracted an increasing number of high-end talents for living and development. So far, there are 1.739 million talents, up by 59.4% over the end of 2011, including 6642 returned talents from abroad, an increase of 160% over the end of 2011. 
Ningbo has launched a series of policies concerning talent development over the past few years. The "notice on new policies for talent development" issued this year demonstrates that Ningbo will attract talents with best policies and services in terms of talent introduction and cultivation, development support, assessment and incentives, and implementation of services and responsibilities.

16 schools identified as soccer characteristic schools

The Ministry of Education released the 2015 list of national youth campus soccer characteristic schools and pilot counties and districts, identifying 8627 primary and secondary schools as youth soccer characteristic schools and 38 counties or districts campus soccer pilots.

16 schools in Ningbo are included in the list, they are as follows: the Pengqiao Primary School of henghe Town of Cixi County, the Central Primary School of Chongshou Town of Cixi County, Wenqi Primary School of Cixi County, Yangming Middle School of Yuyao County, Ningbo No.4 Middle School, Lingshan Middle School of Beilun District, Xiapu Primary School of Beilun District, Wuling Primary School of Fenghua County, Fenghua Technical School, the Foreign Languages Experimental Primary School of Jiangdong District, Chunxiao Middle School, Maoshan Primary School of Jiangshan Town of Yinzhou District, Gaoqiao Town Central Primary School of Yinzhou District, the Experimental Secondary School of Jiangshan Town of Yinzhou District, Yinzhou Vocational Education Central School and XIangshan Foreign Languages School

New campus, new life

New campus, new life

The opening ceremony for the 2015 school year of YinJiang Town Central Primary School was held at the school's new campus on the morning of September 8.

University of Nottingham, Ningbo, co-builds laboratory with Atmel

The AVR Micro-controller Lab, co-built by the University of Nottingham, Ningbo and Atmel, was established on September 18, with all its experiment equipment being the latest micro-controllers and supporting software from Atmel. This is a high-end micro-controller lab co-built by a university and Atmel, the leader in touch control technology solutions.

Based on the lab, the university will conduct the micro-controller courses based on the Atmel technologies. With the focus on such emerging fields as the internet of things, wearable devices and wireless technology, they will provide corresponding course and research resources for undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students, to foster the internationalized talents for the field of high-tech electronics.

In the future, the two parties will continue to carry out more in-depth cooperation in such fields as talent training, internship and employment, technological service support, scientific innovation and commercialization of sci-tech achievements

‘Dark Horse’ Back to Silicon Valley

First held in 2014, the ‘Dark Horse’ competition has again set foot in Silicon Valley. On the afternoon of September 12 local time, the Silicon Valley qualification trial of the Dark Horse Competition of World New Material Industry starts. At last, 5 projects succeed in advancing into the final held in Ningbo out of the 30 competing projects. 
The polymer PM2.5 filtering membrane developed by Professor Cuiyi from Materials Engineering Department of Stanford University wins unanimous approval of the audience and judges. Some audience even gives Professor Cui a nickname of ‘Big Whiz Cui’. ‘This project can not only filter PM2.5, but also bacteria and virus. It can be widely applied in things like building screen window and auto vent pipe cover. The cost is almost equivalent to that of traditional screen window cloth.’ says Professor Cui, ‘and it is assessed that its market size will reach 80 billion dollars.’ He hopes to raise a capital of 20 million dollars and accelerate the establishment of the production line of the project in China. The project is awarded the first prize. Many investment companies on the occasion have extended the olive branch to Professor Cui, and reached primary agreement on investment.
Doctor David Abram who also comes from material department of Stanford University brings an electronic light-adjust film project named ‘NexTint’. The project combines the privileges of low-cost, glare moderation and energy saving. ‘Take America for example, the cost of a skyscraper on air-conditioning, heating, etc. can reach 400 thousand dollars per year. This technology is estimated to be widely applied in glare reducing, nation-wide glass style renovation, and house, car window and glasses around the world.’ says David Abram.

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