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8th Ningbo International University Students Festival Opens

The 8th Ningbo International University Students Festival themed “Friendship, Exchange and Progress” opened on June 25, attracting about 200 foreign students and some international students in Ningbo.

Certificates of scholarship were awarded to 10 international student representatives by organizers of this event in the opening. In order to attract more international students, scholarship programs funded by the government for international students were initiated in 2011, providing scholarships ranging from 6000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. So far, as many as 1914 international students studying in Ningbo have won scholarships which boost the development of education for international students in Ningbo.

This year’s Ningbo International University Students Festival will last 4 days. During this event, foreign students will not only experience traditional Chinese culture but will also visit places including furniture manufacturer FOTILE in Ningbo-Hangzhou Bay New Zone and exhibition hall of urban planning in Hangzhou Bay New Area. Such friendly exchanges will enable them to have a better idea of Ningbo and broader China. Meanwhile, they will, at the invitation of some Ningbo universities and colleges, participate in various activities of cultural exchange. The closing ceremony of this festival will be held in Ningbo

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TCM doctors in schools

Volunteers from the traditional Chinese medicine voluntary program in Yinzhou District recently went to Baizhang Street in Zhongshan Community as part of the activity to promote knowledge about TCM in schools. Volunteers brought with them traditional Chinese medicinal materials and tools, which offered children a direct view of the charm of TCM culture

Reading Festival for Children Held in Ningbo

The 15th Reading Festival for Children held by Ningbo Library was unveiled on July 1st when sharing activities were arranged in the library’s two houses. The festival consists of diversified activities including parent-children pair work in reading and running, concert, and  storytelling competition.

The festival was initiated by rewarding winners of the storytelling competition themed “I Love You, China”. Having been held for nine consecutive years, the competition has gained great popularity among the city’s pupils and parents. As a quality platform providing excellent reading materials for the minor, the contest enables them to develop interest in reading good books.

The concert named “Symphony Encountering Fairy Tales” as a part of the festival was co-organized by the library and Ningbo Symphony Orchestra. Songs in a series of animation movies, including Peppa Pig, Lion King, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Up, rung a rell among the audience who savored a feast of both music and performances. A painting competition was also held. In addition, the library together with Ningbo Publishing House invited Tangtang, a famous writer for

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The outstanding graduation works of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University

The picture shows the exhibition site. (photo by Liu Bo)

Recently, 2019 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University was opened at Ningbo Museum. The works exhibited include art furnishings and soft furnishings, environmental art design, animation design, industrial design, visual communication design, display design and so on.

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