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Ningbo elementary students get gold medals in Math Kangroo

Students from Ningbo Huamao International School won multiple awards, including the highest honor of Math Kangaroo 2020, the largest math competition in the world. Out of 22,000 students nation-wide from more than 30 provinces, the results that they achieved were just remarkable.

Mathematical Kangaroo was initiated in 1980 by the famous Australian mathematician Peter O'Halloran. In 1991, two leading French mathematics educators set up an official competition organizing committee to promote the contest in Europe. In tribute to Peter O'Halloran, the organizing committee named the competition the

Mathematical Kangaroo. Today, Math Kangaroo has gained popularity across the world and become the largest international mathematical contest for young people, where 87 countries are represented, with more than 6 million students participating each year. In April 2020, Math Kangaroo came to China for the first time and established online examination rooms.

During this competition, students from Ningbo Huamao International School won one super gold award, 3 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 10 mathematical skills awards. Zhuang Jinghan, the super gold award winner, is a grade-two student whose results were ranked among top 3% in China

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