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Summer camp of museums starts

On August 1, the 15 children of the Summer Camp of Museums organized by Ningbo Museum visited the exhibition of items from the British Museum held at Shanghai Museum. With the detailed interpretation from the narrator of the museum, the children also attended the specially arranged interaction activities. The accompanying parents of the children commented that the visiting of the museums of different places may help to broaden the horizon of their children.

The summer camp, with the theme of tour to museums, started on July 31 at Ningbo Museum. During the one-week period, the 15 children and their parents will conduct an in-depth tour to the typical and featured museums in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai. On the first day of the camp, the children visited Ningbo Museum and experienced the integration of the technology and tradition by watching the 4D fim at the Hemudu Site Museum. In the following days, they will go to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Suzhou Museum. By visiting the museums with different styles and features, the children can take part in different interactive activities and learn to combine learning and creation

Wanli Education Group cooperates with Zhengda Group

Wanli Education Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Cultivation Line of Zhengda Group on July 28. The two parties will establish a long-term all-around cooperating relationship in such fields as talent cultivation, sci-tech research and social services.

As Zhejiang Wanli University and the University of Nottingham, Ningbo are both featured subsidiaries of the Wanli Education Group, the teaching resources of the two universities will be utilized to provide the technology lectures, staff training and seminars to meet the needs of the modern agriculture and provide talent training in accordance with the demands of the enterprises.

In terms of modern agricultural researches, the two parties will carry out researches on the operation system of the modern agricultural production or even the whole modern agricultural system, including exploring such agricultural patterns as recycling agriculture, creative agriculture and leisure & experience agriculture by building comprehensive agricultural research centers. In addition, they will co-develop the various technological projects at all levels and realize the technological achievement development and transformation in various forms

宁波市交通委 港口处 杭明升处长 0574-87398103

The National Employment and Entrepreneurship Tele-conference for College and University Graduates was held on May 10, and the head of departments concerned in Ningbo attended the conference at the sub-venue of Ningbo. As is reported, the college graduates employment job in Ningbo is going smoothly. By the end of April, Ningbo had received 12,561 college or university graduates, and 12,327 of them had been employed, with the employment rate of 98%.

This year, the college graduates employment has made great progress in three aspects, according to a person in charge from Ningbo Employment Administration and Service Bureau. Firstly, the education level of the graduates has improved. Among all the graduates received by the city, there are 1050 with a master's degree, accounting for 8.36% of the total, and an increase of 297 people over that of the last year, up by 37%. There are 6000 with a bachelor's degree, accounting for 47.77% of the total, an increase of 919 people over that of the last year, up by 18%. It is also worth noticing that the proportion of the graduates from outside the city has witnessed an obvious increase, with 8447 being graduates from outside Ningbo, accounting for 67.2% of the total.

Read more: 宁波市交通委 港口处 杭明升处长 0574-87398103

Ningbo elementary school football league competition ends

The final 2017 Ningbo school football league competition (elementary school) hosted by Ningbo Education Bureau and Ningbo Sports Federation was held in Ningbo Sports Center on May 14th. There were 156 teams from 67 schools competing for the champion.

In the first division, Yinzhou Maoshan School won the first prize in men’s group while Fenghua Wuling School won the first prize in the women’s group; in the second division, Yuyao Xiaodong First School won the first prize in men’s group for the second time and Yuyao Xiaodong Second School won the second prize in the women’s group; in the third division, Zhenhai Experimental Elementary School won the first prize in men’s group while Yuyao Xiaodong Second School won the first prize in women’s group

Children's talent competition held

The 2017 Ningbo Children's Talent Competition was held at the Linyue Yayuan Demonstration Center at the corner of East Siming Road and Keji Road of Yinzhou District on May 6.

The competition is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Municipal Women's Federation, hosted by Ningbo Urban Media Co. Ltd. It is co-organized by Ningbo Evening, Southeast Daily, the "schooling" section of Ningbo Evening, Ningbo Family Education Institute, Ningbo Media and Culture College and the 0574 Children's Club, and Yinzhou Municipal Investment New City Real Estate Co. Ltd. got the exclusive title sponsorship.

Over 100 children participated in the open audition and performed such talents as dancing, singing, reciting, martial arts and musical instrument playing. 26 groups of them were included in the shortlist for the semi-final. At the end of this month, they will compete for the final with the qualified candidates from the other two open auditions

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