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First Creators’ Workshop Opens

Recently, the first creators’ workshop established by college graduate entrepreneurship park. With an area of more than 130 square meters, the workshop focuses on industrial design and electric products. The first 5 projects in the workshop are separately unmanned machine production, sedentary detector, 3D printer, electric chip production, and cork carving art area. The Youth Entrepreneurship Park has invested 0.5 million yuan in it and has also arranged a manual operation platform.
Lin Ruobin is student from Zhejiang Wanli University, majoring in IT. In 2014, as a sophomore, he attended the provincial electronic design competition. Since then, he became a creator. A year later, he and his partners produced 3 types of four-axis aircraft in the hope that the aircrafts can have the function of aerial photo-taking.
Mi Xuelong, a graduate of industrial design major, showed his concern for the white-collars who often sit in the office for a long time. “Young people are very busy with their work. Some of them are so busy that they won’t move for a long time. It is very bad for one’s health.” He came up with an idea to make a detector for sitting too long. The detector can be placed on the office desk and it can detect the environment humidity, temperature, heart beating, breath, and time for sitting. All the data detected can be analyzed by a special mobile APP. Then it will give you a warning: it’s time to rise and move.
For those relatively mature creative startup projects, the Youth Entrepreneurship Park will help to build a capital matching platform and select it for incubation

MOOC Association established in Ningbo University

The MOOC Association of universities and colleges in Ningbo was established in Ningbo University on July 15.

MOOC refers to massive open online courses. The MOOC Association aims to conduct the MOOC construction and teaching reform by establishing the co-found and shared cooperative mechanism between the colleges and universities in Ningbo. This is a new innovation in the teaching information construction in Ningbo, as well as an important measure to improve the local intelligent education system.

So far, the construction of the first 50 MOOC online courses has been started, and they are expected to be available online in early September and will be open to college students and citizens for free. The online open courses public service platform now under construction will then provide free SPOC teaching services for colleges and universities, with the aim of promoting the MOOC and teaching reforms in colleges and universities and improving the quality of talent cultivation.

Ningbo scientist Tu Yaoyao awarded Warren Alpert Foundation Prize

The Warren Alpert Prize Foundation recently announced its 2015 prize, awarded to Tu Yaoyao, a researcher at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences. The award was given to recognize Dr. Tu's contribution in the field of antimalarial medical science. The award ceremony will be held at the annual symposium of Harvard Medical School on October 1. 

The city of Ningbo, Tu Yaoyao's hometown, paid great attention to the news, and students, teachers and administrators at the Ningbo Middle School where Tu studied when he was young, were thrilled to hear about Dr. Tu's receipt of the award. 

The Warren Alpert Foundation Prize is awarded annually to a scientist whose scientific achievements have led to the prevention, cure or treatment of human diseases or disorders, or whose research constitutes a seminal scientific finding that holds great promise of ultimately changing our understanding of or ability to treat disease. The prize was established in 1987 by the late philanthropist and businessman, Warren Alpert, and the Warren Alpert Foundation. The Warren Alpert Prize is given internationally, and since its inception, seven Nobel Prize winners have received the award. The prize is administered in concert with Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts and the Warren Alpert Foundation, located in Providence, Rhode Island. An annual symposium is held at Harvard Medical School each fall where the recipients present their work. The prize currently includes $250,000, a citation, and plaque. 



Government and College Join Hands to Advance Fashion Industry

Recently, Jiangbei District Government of Ningbo and Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology singed a strategic agreement on “fashion industry project cooperation”, to deepen cooperation in introducing leading fashion institutes and top-level talents, holding fashion activities, hatching and fostering fashion makers, jointly working to make Jiangbei District the international fashion center of Ningbo and a gathering place of fashion industry, talents, and information that is influential both inside and outside Zhejiang Province. 
It is reported that Jiangbei has set aside a special fund of 50,000,000 yuan for fashion cooperation projects.
According to the agreement, the college may take advantage of its internationalized school running to introduce leading fashion institutes and fashion talents into Jiangbei.
Fashion activities, including design works shows and fashion forums, will be held to make Laowaitan (Old Bund)h a fashion brand as “city parlor, cultural salon, commercial circle of fashion”, to upgrade the fashion taste and climate of Laowaitan, to attract more visitors and expand social influence of fashion brands such as “world style street” and “Meeting Saturday at Laowaitan.”
Both sides will work together to construct an incubator for fashion makers, cultivating small-and-medium-sized enterprises of fashion technology through introducing design studios, creative fashion design and economic service enterprises and institutes, providing industrial support for construction of Ningbo international fashion center.  
Relying on teachers and other resources of the college, a training platform will be set up to organize employees of fashion industry in Jiangbei to take part in serial training and cultivate leading fashion industry talents. 
In addition, both sides will actively promote cooperation between preponderant disciplines and discipline leaders of the college and local enterprises, so as to make new strides in their cooperation.

Canoe to celebrate graduation

45 sixth graders of Qiuga Shiyan Primary School canoed to celebrate their graduation at Ningbo Culture Square a couple of days ago.

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