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Ningbo enterprises provide posts for overseas students

With the continuous growth of overseas business, some high-quality Ningbo enterprises are becoming more and more compatible with foreign students with strong language ability and understanding of the humanistic environment of the places where the business takes place. On the morning of November 13, the 2021 Ningbo Autumn Recruitment Fair for Overseas Students was held in Zhejiang Innovation Center. 29 well-known local enterprises brought with them posts to the fair, and over 300 overseas students and returnees were present. As a result, over 100 talents and enterprises reached preliminary intentions for jobs.
Reportedly, at this recruitment fair for talents with overseas background, some famous Ningbo enterprises, such as Fuerda Smartech Co., Ltd., Loctek Ergonomic Technology Corp., and Ningbo Hooya Import and Export Group Co., Ltd. provided 135 high-quality jobs, covering finance and securities, IT and Internet, education consulting, cross-border trade, retail services, mechanical engineering, biotechnology and other hot industries.
According to Ms. Zhang, HR Manager of Ningbo Detool Technology Co., Ltd., the company specializes in the development of back-end domestic EDA software. The positions of EDA engineer and electromagnetic algorithm engineer they have brought to the fair this time have relatively strict requirements for the majors of job seekers. They basically need such relevant majors as computer, mathematics and microelectronics, and thus the company will offer a monthly salary of up to 30000 yuan. "Overseas returnees have a high level of English, able to read professional English materials."

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Ningbo builds a 24-hour city study room

On the evening of October 31, the launch ceremony of the “24-hour City Study Room” was held in Ningbo Book City’s Mai Town II. Since then, this reading complex by the Yongjiang River has launched a new reading model, a 24-hour city study room.

 According to Yu Hui, general manager of Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, culture is the spiritual soul of a city as bookstores are the spiritual landmarks of a city, and the 24-hour city study room is just an ever-burning light in these spiritual landmarks. As the 24-hour culture space, it offers readers not only books, but also a mediative and comfortable reading environment. Readers will find their way home in the city, feel warmth in the bookstore and draw strength in books. “This 24-hour city study room in Ningbo Book City is a unique gift from the Xinhua Bookstore Group to the city’s readers, and we look forward to endowing this special reading space with even more affecting memories,” Yu Hui said.

 Hearing that Ningbo Book City builds a 24-hour study room, Ms Wang, who was picking out books in the bookstore, said happily, “Does this mean that I can read here no matter how late it is in the future? That’s great! I will share this news with my family’s WeChat group right away.”

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The Central and Eastern European Youth Training and Exchange Camp Came to an End

Yesterday, 2021 China (Ningbo Beilun) Central and Eastern European Youth Art Week, an important exchange event-2021 China (Ningbo Beilun) Central and Eastern European Youth Training and Exchange Camp came to an end. This event was sponsored by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, and the People's Government of Beilun District, Ningbo City, and undertaken by the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism, Ningbo City, Beilun District.

The training exchange camp invited more than 20 young students and young art lovers from the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Ningbo Hewes Kent School, Ningbo Binhai International Cooperation School and other institutions to participate. The main activities include print art sharing, theme print experience, and environmental protection. Art co-creation, on-site visits, etc., are aimed at launching an art exchange trip with the theme of "protecting the coastline" to young friends, using artistic methods to arouse everyone’s awareness of coastal environmental protection, and to protect our common home. Build a modern coastal metropolis.

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Hongzhi Cup Pipa Finals and Chinese Music "Little Golden Bell" (Pipa) Selection Competition held in Ningbo

The major string is as loud as torrential rain, and the minor string is as low as a whisper.  Yesterday, the 8th Ningbo Youth Chinese Talent "Future Star"-Hongzhi Cup Pipa Finals and Chinese Music "Little Golden Bell" (Pipa) Selection Competition was held at Ningbo Youth Palace. 60 young contestants took part in the competition. The charm of pipa art is beautiful and touching.

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