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The outstanding graduation works of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University

The picture shows the exhibition site. (photo by Liu Bo)

Recently, 2019 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University was opened at Ningbo Museum. The works exhibited include art furnishings and soft furnishings, environmental art design, animation design, industrial design, visual communication design, display design and so on.

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​Ningbo Holds Activities for World Book Day

Ningbo holds an array of activities for the upcoming World Book Day falling on April 23rd. 

Among them, a citywide poem reading salon is held in Yuyao. Fang Wenhan, a student from the Second Experiment Primary School read a child poem Message of Spring on an intercity train between Yuyao and Ningbo in the afternoon of April 21st. 

From April 20th to 21st, Ningbo Library launched a “Reading Fair” where the picture livestreaming was view by 240 thousand times within only two days. And Ningbo Book City invited writers Chang Xingang and his daughter Chang Xiaoyu to give a lecture on “how to cultivate your children through reading and writing.

At the poem-reading salon, passengers on the intercity train were invited to read and enjoy poems during their journey. The event host provided a kaleidoscope of reading materials for salon participants, including The Hemudu People, Lianglong Town, and Rain at Mountain Temple Reminds Me of Wang Yangming, which are all related to Yuyao culture. Wu Chunyan, a local government official at Mazhu Town in Yuyao said after reading the works by Lanye at Shikan, a magazine of poems, that “I searched for learning materials for the salon. It really deepens my understanding of poems.”

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UK's Excellence Lighthouse Program Innovation Institute settles in Ningbo

On May 17, Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the University of Nottingham, UK, marking the official launch of the University of Nottingham's Excellence Lighthouse Program (Ningbo) Innovation Institute. The two sides will build a leading domestic and international first-class technology innovation platform in three key areas: smart manufacturing, green chemistry and energy, and life and health.

The University of Nottingham's Excellence in Lighthouse program aims to explore key issues around the world and find solutions. To date, it has organized more than 300 research teams and has built close relationships with leading companies in the industry.

According to reports, its landing in Ningbo is not only a seamless connection between the world-class university's high-quality science and technology resources and national development strategy, local social and

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Large Number of International Students from B&R Countries Come to Ningbo to Study

Thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative, international students across the world, especially those from B&R countries, come to Ningbo, once the city along the ancient Silk Road, to pursue their study. For example, Ningbo University received 879 international students from B&R countries in 2013, and 1,445 in 2018, which registers a 170% increase. In 2018, nearly two thirds of international students admitted to the university are from B&R countries.

Up to now, institutions of higher learning in Ningbo have received over 20,000 international students from B&R countries. Some of them choose to stay in China, and some go back to their home country, becoming the cultural ambassadors between their home country and China.

Joshua, an international student from Uganda, has completed his study in the School of Medicine of Ningbo University, and is now an intern in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Eastern Hospital. He told us:

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