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14 post-doctoral workstations in Ningbo upgraded into national workstations

14 postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo have been upgraded to national workstations, accounting for one third of the province's total, making Ningbo rank among the top cities of the same kind in China. According to the information from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, with the active participation of more and more enterprises, the postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo are playing an increasingly important role in introducing high-end talents and breaking through cutting-edge technologies.
"Our great advantage

in the professional alkaline battery technology is inseparable from the breakthroughs of the key technology of the postdoctoral workstation", said Bi Yanjing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongyin Battery Co. Ltd., when talking about postdoctoral workstation. In 2004, the company initially set up a postdoctoral workstation to carry out research on lithium iron battery out of the technical requirements of the industry. Based on this intelligent platform integrating production, learning and research, the company has successively made breakthroughs in the technical fields of alkaline manganese dioxide battery and secondary zinc manganese dioxide battery, and produced a number of scientific research achievements to fill the gaps in the domestic battery industry, enabling itself to stand at the forefront of domestic and international battery technology.
Dr. Guo Daidong of Ningbo Vulcan Technology Co., Ltd. was introduced to the company through the postdoctoral workstation. During his stay in the workstation, through the research of diamond coating technology for the new silicon carbide ceramic surface, the company established the preparation process route of diamond coating technology suitable for industrial application, which greatly improved the limit PV value of critical performance index of mechanical seal and solved the traditional problem of mechanical seal ring failing to meet the high performance requirements of the mechanical seal device for offshore engineering equipment under extremely harsh working conditions, and the limits of the core key parts of high-end equipment by foreign countries. The technology has been successfully applied in the development of such major deep-sea drilling platforms as Chang'e-5, the deep-sea drilling platform and the development of shale gas.
As a big manufacturing city, Ningbo has long recognized the importance of building platforms integrating production, learning and research and attracting leading talents. According to an official from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, in 1999, Ningbo established the first postdoctoral workstation, in the form of cooperation with Zhejiang University. Since then, the city has continued to build the postdoctoral workstation as a high-end talent introduction platform, and constantly introduced and improved the supporting policies for postdoctoral work, so as to maintain its leading policy advantage in the country. It is understood that according to related policies, enterprises and institutions in Ningbo have been approved to set up mobile stations and state-level workstations, which can receive one million yuan of financial support. For every full-time postdoctoral personnel recruited, the maximum support of the municipal and district levels is 650,000 yuan per person, and the maximum subsidy of 600,000 yuan can be applied for after the postdoctoral personnel leave the station to work in Ningbo.
More and more enterprises and institutions are actively involved in the construction of postdoctoral workstation platforms thanks to the meticulous policy support and great promotion to the industry. In recent years, Ningbo has taken the lead in terms of the number of postdoctoral workstations in the whole province. Data show that at present, there are 224 postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo, and a total of 1,161 postdoctoral personnel are recruited. These talents, who are active in the front line of industries, have obtained 1,365 patent authorizations, developed 187 new products at or above the municipal level, and transformed their achievements into new products with an output value of nearly 20 billion yuan

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