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Ningbo-Taiwan College Students Summer Camp held

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Ningbo-Taiwan College Students Summer Camp, co-hosted by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Ningbo, Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo Townsmen Association in Taipei and Taiwanese Association in Ningbo, was held at Ningbo Polytechnic on August 4. Wang Jiankang, Deputy-director of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Party Committee, attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech. 
Since 1993, the summer camp has been held for 23 years so far. With the support of the Ningbo Townsmen Association in Taipei and colleges in Taiwan, it has become a long-standing and large-scale organized communication activity for college students, playing a positive role in strengthening the communications of the college students in the two places, building the cultural recognition of the two parts, and promoting the cross-strait relationship and peaceful development. 
The summer camp will last for ten days. 35 students from 18 colleges or universities in Ningbo and Taiwan will conduct such activities as "visiting Ningbo NPC", "visiting enterprises", "visiting Taiwanese Association in communities", "visiting fruit gardens" and experiencing intangible cultural heritage. They will visit the Tianyi Pavilion, the Xiangshan Film & TV City, the Xikou Scenic Area in Fenghua County, the former residence of Wang Yangming, the Hemudu Site, the Nantang Ancient Street, Ningbo Port, Ningbobang Museum, the cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base and Lu Xun's former residence in Shaoxing. Besides, the camp members will have exchanges with the students and teachers from some colleges or universities in Ningbo, including Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo University, Ningbo University of Technology, and Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College

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