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Women entrepreneurs donates 1.3 million yuan supplies to flood victims

Typhoon "Fitow" has brought once-in-a-century rainfall to Ningbo. The county-level city of Yuyao has been severely affected in the recent typhoon-triggered storm. A number of women business owners suffered varying degrees of losses. To promoting mutual help, local women entrepreneurs launched a post-disaster self-help mutual aid program and made their contributions.

According to statistics released by the Association of Ningbo Women Entrepreneurs, over 10 women entrepreneurs had donated supplies, worth of 130 million yuan, to the disaster-hit area by17:00 pm on Thursday. The entrepreneurs includes Zhu Xiaoxia, president of Xiangyang Yugang Group Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaoping, Chairperson of Ningbo Tianping Packaging Co., Ltd., Meifei Zhen, president of Ningbo Mei Bo Import and Export Co., Ltd., Liu Guojuan, Chairman of Ningbo Zhenhai Yilin Trading Company, Zhou Yongmei, CEO of Ningbo Kaiyun Business Group, CEO, Shi Cuiying, president of Ningbo Shi Cuiying Food Development Co., Ltd., Zhao Yanhong, CEO of Ningbo Ruili Laundry Co., Ltd., and Hu Jianping, general manager Cixi Chengshi  Property management Co., Ltd..

Ningbo spent 171 million yuan on charity in five years

According to Ningbo Charity Federation, in the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has raised money for charity as much as 196 million yuan. and spent 171 million yuan for the invest 1 billion yuan on the assistance of 72,000 people. The expenditure increases by 35.7% against that in the preceding five years.

In the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has integrated the ten largest charity projects, in the four fields of poverty relief, public welfare, production assistance and volunteer service. Of these projects, the Charity Project for Children with Heart Problem funded the operation of kids with congenital heart defects; the Rainbow Schooling Aid Project, funded by 1,018 individuals and 46 enterprises, aided 1,491 students with fund of 8.95 million yuan.

Ningbo Charity Federation also carried out "self-blood-making" projects, to support those poverty stricken farmers who have some production ability and certain production conditions. In 2012, Ningbo Charity Federation set up a poverty relief base, which provides farmers with production projects to start with. By June 2013, Ningbo Charity Federation spent funds of 6,600,000 yuan supporting 362 poverty stricken families, and establishing 10 charity poverty relief bases. 127 families got rid of poverty, accounting for 35.1% of the total.

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Ningbo Charity Federation got donations of 2.05 million yuan

According to Ningbo Charity Federation, by 16:00 on April 21, Ningbo Charity Federation had got donations of 2,052,410 yuan from all circles of life of Ningbo.

Of the enterprises that had made donations, Fuban Group donated 2 million yuan, the first donor that made the largest donation via Ningbo Charity Federation. Of individual donors, 95-year-old Hong Zhuqing, the oldest donor so far the Federation received, donated 10,000 yuan. The youngest donor is a 5-year-old boy, who donated 10 yuan. Huang Bin, a renowned old man who has helped over 200 students, donated 10,000 yuan. The star-taxi-driver Xia Huixing and his team also made donations.

First charity network platform established in Yinzhou

Recently, the Charity branch of Jishigang Town received a sum of 30,000 yuan from the Charity Association of Yinzhou District as the relief fund for Xiao Xu, a patient with leukemia in Jishigang Town. It only takes two working days for the submission and approval of the relief application and the allocation of the relief fund. 
Since the charity network information platform was established in Yinzhou District, the staff of the charity branches of the district can help disadvantaged people to apply for relief online with just a click of a mouse. It is said that the network information platform is the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province.
Last year, the total amount of raised money for charity in Yinzhou District once again exceeded 100 million yuan, and more than 70 million yuan has been used as relief fund. Faced with the increasingly large money-raising and relief groups, the 24 charity branches are inevitably restricted in time, space and frequency if all the information is required to be submitted in paper form, and a more flexible and convenient platform should be in place for the submission, classification, storage and retrieval of the related charity materials.

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Shenzhou and Beifa donating to the earthquake areas

According to Beilun District, Shenzhou Textile Company, a company of Beilun District, decided to donate 350,000 clothes to the earthquake affected areas in Sichuan, a donation that is worth over 30 million yuan. Xu Huiguo, Vice Manager of the company, said that over 10 trucks loaded with the donated clothes left for Sichuan on the morning of 21, so that the donated goods should arrive to the affected areas as soon as possible.

The other day, Ningbo Beifa Co., Ltd., decided to make a first donation of 200,000 yuan to the earthquake stressed area in Ya'an. Qiu Zhiming, Board Chairman of company, donated 10,000 yuan in his own name. In the meanwhile, Ningbo Beifa would call on the workers of the company to make donations. The company has also donated stationary to the earthquake area.

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