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Ningbo Charity Federation got donations of 2.05 million yuan

According to Ningbo Charity Federation, by 16:00 on April 21, Ningbo Charity Federation had got donations of 2,052,410 yuan from all circles of life of Ningbo.

Of the enterprises that had made donations, Fuban Group donated 2 million yuan, the first donor that made the largest donation via Ningbo Charity Federation. Of individual donors, 95-year-old Hong Zhuqing, the oldest donor so far the Federation received, donated 10,000 yuan. The youngest donor is a 5-year-old boy, who donated 10 yuan. Huang Bin, a renowned old man who has helped over 200 students, donated 10,000 yuan. The star-taxi-driver Xia Huixing and his team also made donations.

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