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Shenzhou and Beifa donating to the earthquake areas

According to Beilun District, Shenzhou Textile Company, a company of Beilun District, decided to donate 350,000 clothes to the earthquake affected areas in Sichuan, a donation that is worth over 30 million yuan. Xu Huiguo, Vice Manager of the company, said that over 10 trucks loaded with the donated clothes left for Sichuan on the morning of 21, so that the donated goods should arrive to the affected areas as soon as possible.

The other day, Ningbo Beifa Co., Ltd., decided to make a first donation of 200,000 yuan to the earthquake stressed area in Ya'an. Qiu Zhiming, Board Chairman of company, donated 10,000 yuan in his own name. In the meanwhile, Ningbo Beifa would call on the workers of the company to make donations. The company has also donated stationary to the earthquake area.

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