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First charity network platform established in Yinzhou

Recently, the Charity branch of Jishigang Town received a sum of 30,000 yuan from the Charity Association of Yinzhou District as the relief fund for Xiao Xu, a patient with leukemia in Jishigang Town. It only takes two working days for the submission and approval of the relief application and the allocation of the relief fund. 
Since the charity network information platform was established in Yinzhou District, the staff of the charity branches of the district can help disadvantaged people to apply for relief online with just a click of a mouse. It is said that the network information platform is the first of its kind in Zhejiang Province.
Last year, the total amount of raised money for charity in Yinzhou District once again exceeded 100 million yuan, and more than 70 million yuan has been used as relief fund. Faced with the increasingly large money-raising and relief groups, the 24 charity branches are inevitably restricted in time, space and frequency if all the information is required to be submitted in paper form, and a more flexible and convenient platform should be in place for the submission, classification, storage and retrieval of the related charity materials.

To solve this problem, Yinzhou District Charity Association established the charity network information platform, to simplify and streamline business processes, and introduce paperless office pattern. In addition to district-level staff, the subordinate 24 charity branches also hold their own usernames, and can directly key in relevant information online after examination and publicity and submit the applications to Ningbo Charity Association for approval. The platform saves time, labor and material costs, and can greatly improve the work efficiency of the relief work.

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