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Ningbo spent 171 million yuan on charity in five years

According to Ningbo Charity Federation, in the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has raised money for charity as much as 196 million yuan. and spent 171 million yuan for the invest 1 billion yuan on the assistance of 72,000 people. The expenditure increases by 35.7% against that in the preceding five years.

In the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has integrated the ten largest charity projects, in the four fields of poverty relief, public welfare, production assistance and volunteer service. Of these projects, the Charity Project for Children with Heart Problem funded the operation of kids with congenital heart defects; the Rainbow Schooling Aid Project, funded by 1,018 individuals and 46 enterprises, aided 1,491 students with fund of 8.95 million yuan.

Ningbo Charity Federation also carried out "self-blood-making" projects, to support those poverty stricken farmers who have some production ability and certain production conditions. In 2012, Ningbo Charity Federation set up a poverty relief base, which provides farmers with production projects to start with. By June 2013, Ningbo Charity Federation spent funds of 6,600,000 yuan supporting 362 poverty stricken families, and establishing 10 charity poverty relief bases. 127 families got rid of poverty, accounting for 35.1% of the total.


In the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has given priority to 16 under-developed towns, where 16 homes of the aged were built, 18 primary schools and kindergartens were built 201 newly enrolled college students got aided, and 9 enterprises gave the one-to-one support to villages. The fund for the under-developed areas in Yuyao, Fenghua, Ninghai and Xiangshan amounts to 71.7 million yuan.

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