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Women entrepreneurs donates 1.3 million yuan supplies to flood victims

Typhoon "Fitow" has brought once-in-a-century rainfall to Ningbo. The county-level city of Yuyao has been severely affected in the recent typhoon-triggered storm. A number of women business owners suffered varying degrees of losses. To promoting mutual help, local women entrepreneurs launched a post-disaster self-help mutual aid program and made their contributions.

According to statistics released by the Association of Ningbo Women Entrepreneurs, over 10 women entrepreneurs had donated supplies, worth of 130 million yuan, to the disaster-hit area by17:00 pm on Thursday. The entrepreneurs includes Zhu Xiaoxia, president of Xiangyang Yugang Group Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaoping, Chairperson of Ningbo Tianping Packaging Co., Ltd., Meifei Zhen, president of Ningbo Mei Bo Import and Export Co., Ltd., Liu Guojuan, Chairman of Ningbo Zhenhai Yilin Trading Company, Zhou Yongmei, CEO of Ningbo Kaiyun Business Group, CEO, Shi Cuiying, president of Ningbo Shi Cuiying Food Development Co., Ltd., Zhao Yanhong, CEO of Ningbo Ruili Laundry Co., Ltd., and Hu Jianping, general manager Cixi Chengshi  Property management Co., Ltd..

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