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Ningbo received donations of 70 million yuan to flood-stricken Yuyao

According to incomplete statistics of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, by October 13:30, Ningbo received donated money as much as 31,400,300 yuan and materials valuing 40,278,600 yuan.

Of the 31,400,300 yuan received, 12,380,400 yuan is received by Ningbo Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Red Cross of Ningbo, Ningbo Charity Federation, Ningbo Overseas Chinese Federation, Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Youth League, Ningbo General Trade Union and Ningbo Women's Federation. 11,019,900 yuan is received by Yuyao. Ningbo also has received donations of 8 million yuan by the party committees and governments of other cities.

Of the donated supplies, Yuyao city received 606 donations, valuing 40,278,600 yuan. The donations include 109,500 boxes of biscuits, 186,200 boxes of water, 45,400 boxes of instant noodle, 983,00o boxes of porridge, 100,000 pieces of zhongzi, 1,226 canoes, 56,700 flash lights, 24,000 spades, 20,000 brooms, 4 trucks of food and drinks, 44 donations of medicine and power generators, clothing, and sterilants.

So far, except for some mineral water, all donated materials have been sent to the rescue stations in Yuyao.

On October 13, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government, Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee and Government, Wanzhou District Party Committee and Government of Chongqing have sent letters and telegraphs of condolence to Ningbo.

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