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Yuyao received donations of 22.729 million yuan

On October 15, a related authority of Yuyao Municipality made a report of the new advancement the city had made against the Fitow. Except for a few basements, the surface accumulated water in all living quarters had been drained out. Power supply, telecommunication and traffic had been gradually restored to normal conditions and the epidemic prevention was going on.

According to the report, Yuyao city received 636 donations of various materials, valuing 40.9652 million yuan; the city spent 13 million yuan purchasing food and necessities for the disaster affected people. The donated money the city received added up to 22.729 million yuan, including 15.80 million yuan from other cities and 6.929 million yuan from individuals.

At present, Yuyao still has 19 shelters, which housed 546 people. 138 vegetable markets reopened, with the daily supply reaching 750 tons.

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