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Alumni donated 5 million yuan to fund school education

Over 30 outstanding teachers in Zhengshi High School in Ningbo's Yinzhou District received a total of 70,000 yuan as their rewards, paid by the school's "Education Development Fund", a charity fund established by the school alumni.

Earlier this year, seven school alumni including Mr. Ren Qifeng, graduated in 1989, Mr. Wangzhao Chun, graduated in 1986, Mr. Yu Sanchuan and other 4 entrepreneurs made a visit to their alma mater, and learned that some teachers and students from poor families kept working and studying in the school. To help the teachers and students, they raised 500 million yuan ($ 82.2 million) and established a charity fund named "Zhengshi Secondary Education Development Foundation", which is the first high school charitable fund in Yinzhou District.

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