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Disabled laid-off woman aids poor students

Shi Liqin, a laid-off worker from Yuyao, sells Dousu Cake (a specialty of Ningbo) every day at the streets of Yuayo downtown.
The 49-year-old woman has crippled legs due to poliomyelitis. She has once worked in a foreign trade company, which was closed this April and she lost her job of a monthly income of 3,000 yuan. But to many people’s surprise, she has been subsidizing two primary school students, one in the mountainous region of Yuyao and the other in Lijing, Yunnan Province. She gives at least 2,000 yuan to the two every year and wants to assist them to finish their high school. However, it is difficult for her to find a good job due to her being disable and old. So she decides to sell Dousu Cake. 
When asked why she is willing to help other people when she is in a difficult situation, Shi says that she has sympathy for those in need because of her own experience. In 2008, she persuaded her families to sign the cornea donation agreement.

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