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Ningbo to deal out 140 million yuan for living allowances

According to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, from January 1, 2013, Ningbo started the program to support the poverty-stricken families during the Spring Festival period. The standard is: 1,500 yuan to a poor family in an urban area and 1,200 yuan to a poor family in the country. The living allowances by the municipal and county government will total about 140 million yuan, benefitting about 106,000 urban and rural household with financial difficulties.

The living allowances are to be handed out to those households with the Certificate for the Minimum Living Allowance, the Certificate of Families in Extreme Poverty, the Certificate of Social Relief, the Certificate of Severely Disability, the "three-none people" in urban areas, the rural households enjoying five guarantees, the people who are entitled to special care, the "three kinds of people who made great contribution to the country, the retired party member in urban areas, the poverty-stricken families and other poor people and orphans.

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