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Charity sale by kindergarten children and their parents

On January 20, at a square in Shipu Town of Xiangshan County, a charity sale event initiated by 21 families of children from the Central Kindergarten of Shipu Town was being held in full swing.

As is reported, 5this activity originated from the theme of “our New Year in Ningbo” under the curriculum of “we love our Shipu”. During the one month long learning, the children learned about the customs of their hometown, felt the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, and planned to carry out a charity sale.

The charity sale aims to raise money to help people in need. The 1,353 yuan obtained on site of the sale will be used to support the development of public welfare

"China Charity Day" Ningbo Publicity Month and

"Charity for Common Prosperity Action" Were Launched

On the evening of September 3, the launching ceremony of the 2023 "China Charity Day" Ningbo Publicity Month and "Charity for Common Prosperity" was held in Ningbo Wuyi Square. With the theme of "Join hands in charity and create a better life", this event focused on the field of "charity + rescue", gathered the city's philanthropic forces, and helped common prosperity.

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A Graduating Class Establishes a Fund to Help Poor Students

On May 3rd, a class majoring in refrigeration in Ningbo Vocational Education School established a fund to help poor junior fellow students. Zhao Zhiwei, league secretary of the class, said that this was a graduation gift for the school.

Totaling 16,400 CNY, the money comes from three channels— surplus money of the class fee, students’ salary from part-time jobs and the headteacher’s donations.

The 25-student class mainly consists of children of migrant workers. They believe that small acts of kindness finally accumulate to great deed. In the first year of their study, they donated 20-plus backpacks to a school of migrant workers’ children while in the second year, they funded poor primary students. The classmates promised to enlarge the fund later to help more and more juniors. Their act received great support from the school

First charity station of Ningbo established

On the morning of November 12, the first "Charity Station" of Ningbo was open, located at the subway exit of Lishe International Airport Station of Line No.2 of Ningbo Rail Transit.
As the first of its kind in the city, this "charity station" serves as a public welfare window of Ningbo, a city of love. Based on the public welfare strength of Ningbo Rail Transit volunteer team and Ningbo Charity Park Public Welfare Fund, the station aims to connect enterprises and people with caring hearts in Ningbo. Taking charity supermarket as the basic business format, it will provide such voluntary services as tourists' inquiry, change exchange, ticket purchase guidance and AED first aid training, with the aim of building the first public welfare stop for tourists to Ningbo and a handy public welfare platform for Ningbo citizens to participate in voluntary services and caring donations.
This charity station covers an area of about 60 square meters. There are washing and caring kit for travel, thermos cups, towels, umbrellas, slippers and other commodities at the station to meet the shopping needs of citizens. "At present, the main sources of goods at the station are donations from caring enterprises and procurement from the charity park." said Yan Yina, general planner of the "charity station" project.
It is understood that at the charity station, one can establish a personal exclusive "charity account", which is jointly sponsored by the public welfare fund of Yinzhou Bank and the public welfare fund of Ningbo Charity Park. When making a charitable donation, the account owner can query and dispose of the donation independently.

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Charity complex to be built in Yinzhou

The foundation-laying ceremony was held for the "Charity Park", the first public charity complex building in China and a public welfare landscape of Ningbo, in Yinzhou new town area. "It is a charity platform funded by non-profit private foundations. It aims to cultivate and practice charity by using the internet technology to unite the social forces. it really is a pioneering work in China." said a person in charge from Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department.

With the theme of public charity culture, the "Charity Park" integrates such functions as collection and research, publicity and communication, education and training, and tours and activities. In addition to the traditional displays of museum words and items, the park focuses on the organization and operation of the public charity activities and projects. So far, it has received a total donation of over 10 million yuan from enterprises and people concerned.

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