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A Graduating Class Establishes a Fund to Help Poor Students

On May 3rd, a class majoring in refrigeration in Ningbo Vocational Education School established a fund to help poor junior fellow students. Zhao Zhiwei, league secretary of the class, said that this was a graduation gift for the school.

Totaling 16,400 CNY, the money comes from three channels— surplus money of the class fee, students’ salary from part-time jobs and the headteacher’s donations.

The 25-student class mainly consists of children of migrant workers. They believe that small acts of kindness finally accumulate to great deed. In the first year of their study, they donated 20-plus backpacks to a school of migrant workers’ children while in the second year, they funded poor primary students. The classmates promised to enlarge the fund later to help more and more juniors. Their act received great support from the school

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