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First charity station of Ningbo established

On the morning of November 12, the first "Charity Station" of Ningbo was open, located at the subway exit of Lishe International Airport Station of Line No.2 of Ningbo Rail Transit.
As the first of its kind in the city, this "charity station" serves as a public welfare window of Ningbo, a city of love. Based on the public welfare strength of Ningbo Rail Transit volunteer team and Ningbo Charity Park Public Welfare Fund, the station aims to connect enterprises and people with caring hearts in Ningbo. Taking charity supermarket as the basic business format, it will provide such voluntary services as tourists' inquiry, change exchange, ticket purchase guidance and AED first aid training, with the aim of building the first public welfare stop for tourists to Ningbo and a handy public welfare platform for Ningbo citizens to participate in voluntary services and caring donations.
This charity station covers an area of about 60 square meters. There are washing and caring kit for travel, thermos cups, towels, umbrellas, slippers and other commodities at the station to meet the shopping needs of citizens. "At present, the main sources of goods at the station are donations from caring enterprises and procurement from the charity park." said Yan Yina, general planner of the "charity station" project.
It is understood that at the charity station, one can establish a personal exclusive "charity account", which is jointly sponsored by the public welfare fund of Yinzhou Bank and the public welfare fund of Ningbo Charity Park. When making a charitable donation, the account owner can query and dispose of the donation independently.

The service staff on site are full-time employees of the "charity station project" of Ningbo Charity Park, and volunteers from Ningbo Rail Transit Volunteer Team and other social volunteer groups. At present, the service time of the station is from 8:00 to 20:00. In other periods, tourists and citizens can scan the QR code and donate online.
According to Yan Yina, all the proceeds from the charity sale of the station will be donated to the charity account of the public welfare fund of Ningbo Charity Park, to be used for education, medical treatment, disasters, poverty and emergency relief of special groups. Meanwhile, it will also be a platform for caring citizens to participate in voluntary service, making charity a new way of life for people

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