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Nanjing thousands crocodile surfaced User speculation "earthquake"

Nanjing thousands crocodile surfaced, users guess or indicates "earthquake". The breeding base responded that the the Chinese alligator flocks floating in the water is a normal phenomenon, the main purpose is to crocodile probe out of the sun.
  Recently, the Nanjing Yangtze alligator tourism base thousands of crocodile surfaced, netizens guess is not indicative of "earthquake". In this regard, the seismological bureau said that the monitoring data is no exception, Nanjing earthquake does not occur in the near future. The breeding base responded that this is a normal phenomenon, the main purpose is to crocodile probe out of the sun. 

13 Cixi companies listed as top 100 manufacturing corps

Ningbo Enterprise Confederation and Ningbo Enterprise Directors Association jointly released the list of 2012 Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Ningbo a few days ago, and 13 enterprises from Cixi including China Xulong Group were among the list. Of the 13 companies, half of them are engaged in household electrical appliances.

In accordance with international and domestic conventions, the top 100 companies were ranked according to their revenues of last year after the verification and approval of the review and appraisal board formed by governmental officials, members of relative associations as well as experts on the field. If the self-registered companies once had a record of great adverse effect in Ningbo City or are now loss-generating enterprises, they would be disqualified from the ranking immediately.

Among the 13 listed companies, China Xulong Group ranked 37th in the 100 companies, with revenue being 2.392 bln yuan, net profit 23.11 mln yuan and the total tax 63.01 mln yuan. The other 12 companies are as follows: Xingye Shengtai Group Co., Ltd, Jinlun Group Corp., Cuori Electrical Appliances (Group) Co., Ltd, Shenlong Group, Fotile, Ningbo Hicon Industry Co., Ltd, Ningbo Xinhai Electric Co., Ltd, China Feilong Appliance Group Co., Ltd, Ningbo Kingsun Group Co., Ltd, Cixi Hongyi Electronics Co., Ltd, the Group of Ningbo Shenma Co., Ltd and Huayu Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

Yuyao City Finance Bureau astronomical meals survey

Source 2012-8-22 9:06:47 Metro Express

Yuyao City mentioned in the rebellion microblogging Global Shark Museum

15 Yuyao City Finance Bureau dining time, number, amount, and a few tables.

Users' listening shady initial rebellion microblogging
  Found no abalone and shark's fin
  The waiter said, very few eat
  Reporter visited the Global Shark Museum
  8:02 the night before, Sina microblogging users' listening shady "made a micro-Bo, only a handful of figures:
  Yuyao Bureau of Finance for a meal money! Fury!
  The "listening shady uploaded an invoice -
  The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ningbo treasury centralized payment of special certificate, is a transfer check, turned to the Agricultural Bank of China Yuyao around the city sub-branches from Yuyao City Branch, ICBC;
  Payer the Yuyao City Department of Finance and paid out of the Treasury, and the amount of 54,695 yuan;
  The transfer time August 17 transfer purposes the City (YUYAO) the Finance Bureau meals;
  The recipient is the the Yuyao City Global Shark Pavilion.
  Microblogging uploaded soon, triggered the users crazy pass, reviews, everyone questioned two things: meals and hotels - Global Shark Museum.
  Passing of salvation: This store is estimated that the units designated after signing, then two or three months once in models. This is a common practice in enterprises and institutions.
  Qiu _ Mr. Benson: I believe they must be inside point yangchunmian, buns.
  Static - quietly - quietly static: beg menu details! Guests batch!
  Shark Museum next door in the Bureau of Finance
  Yuyao City Department of Finance and paid out of the Treasury:
  Transfer the contents are true
  Yesterday morning, the reporter found Yuyao City Department of Finance and paid out of the Treasury, deputy director of Lv Weili. She said, "microblogging, I still is not clear, you need to check. Usually not on the microblogging.
  She explained Yuyao City Finance paid. Fiscal consolidation of municipal authorities paid by the treasury payment center is also the Finance Bureau. "They are through an internal system funds reported up, we review the feedback transfer payment to the bank by the Bank."
  Yuyao national treasury pay tender four banks to deal with the business of the state treasury to pay ICBC is one of them.
  Lv Weili transfer check screenshot seen by reporters looking for relevant staff.
  Soon, the director of the Center for the Hong-Xia Liang told reporters, this payment information does exist. "The money we pass past, after the transfer by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China."
  "We are generally based on the application of the Financial Bureau conducted our audit in accordance with the budget, and then the data is sent to the bank.
  "Our data here, do not see the time eating or eating several times."
  Hong-Xia Liang said, responsible for the authenticity of application units on their application information.
  "According to the budget, the finance bureau official reception how much money?" The reporter asked.
  "This is not convenient to say." Hong-Xia Liang.
  Users "listening shady" about 10:40 the night before, delete clause microblogging.
  Yesterday, reporters repeatedly private letter "to listen to the shady, not responding. Listening shady "has been renamed to" 111111 listen to more noble ". The microblogging About "under a fierce enough.
  Reporter noted, in its concern 57 people, 11 people and Commercial Bank of system.
  Mentioned the rebellion microblogging, Global Shark Pavilion, Yuyao City, the industrial and commercial registration information shows that Chinese food operators Determined, to license the project.
  Normal operations of the project to provide conference reception.
  Shark Museum is located at 111 South Riverside Road, Lizhou Street, Yuyao City, founded in 2004.
  The Yuyao City Finance Bureau address in South Riverside Road No. 118.
  The two units is about 30 meters away.
  This hotel is located in Yuyao City, next door to the Finance Bureau, decoration is very fine, and there are a dozen private rooms.
  Last night, not many guests dining in the restaurant.
  "Tujia dishes we do here is, the price is not expensive, and can bring their own drinks, generally one thousand yuan a table almost." Said Shen Li, manager of the Global Shark Museum.
  She gave reporters two hard cardstock, said the menu, the reporter saw no price above. Shen Li explained that now is to replace the menu, so temporary. But later, she brought a copy of the menu, and say that this is the original.
  "We just opened, selling abalone, bird's nest or something, and later the bird's nest out of things, it has not been sold." Said Shen Li.
  Reporters on the menu, do not see on abalone and shark's fin dishes. The waiter said, the abalone basically do not do very few eat.
  Expensive on the menu, French foie gras 168 yuan, 128 yuan Drunken Crab, Seared Australia Wo Niu 128 yuan, 168 yuan casserole sea cucumber.
  The waiter said, salt and pepper snake row of 30 yuan, 68 yuan salmon fight crayfish, small yellow croaker, then two of about 100 yuan, 38 yuan Sizzling Beef Ribs.
  Reporter ran into a member of the public outside of the Shark Museum Ms. Liu, she said, this Shark Museum name is very domineering, went to eat back, If you generally eat, the price is not too high.
  The Yuyao City Finance Bureau
  15 batches of 27 tables to entertain Information
  Yuyao City Finance Bureau:
  Meals is the superposition of two or three months for official reception
  Yesterday, Yuyao City Finance Bureau office, a staff member said, the original meals receipt has been disposed of. "We are also restaurants, and strive to bring back the dining detail menu."
  5:10 yesterday evening, the Bureau of Finance presented to reporters a piece of paper, the above list of 15 dining time, number, amount, and a few tables.
  May 18, 8, spent 1,877 yuan, 1 table;
  May 20, 12, spent 2019 yuan, 1 table;
  May 22, 20 people, consumption of 3,970 yuan, 2 tables;
  May 26, 24 people, consumption of 3,289 yuan, 2 tables;
  May 29, 13, spent 2078 yuan, 1 table;
  June 10, 32 people, consumption of 6,878 yuan, 3 tables;
  June 15, 9, spent 2,362 yuan, 1 table;
  June 17, 9, spent 1,350 yuan, 1 table;
  June 18, 18, spent 3976 yuan, 1 table;
  June 21, 32 people, consumption of 6,946 yuan, 3 tables;
  June 23, 32, spent 6172 yuan, 3 tables;
  June 28, 25 people, consumption of 4,739 yuan, 2 tables;
  July 2, 22, consumption of 3,250 yuan, 2 tables;
  July 3, 20, consumption of 4,060 yuan, 2 tables;
  July 26, 13, spent 1729 yuan, 1 table;
  Information from this point of view, June 20-July 5 (bayberry during the festival), the Financial Board received a number of guests than usual.
  Around 10:00 yesterday, the reporter found Yuyao City Finance Bureau, deputy director of the Office of UNDERGROUND
  UNDERGROUND said work on this thing for a busy staff are investigating this matter.
  "I just know this thing, microblogging, you say we do not understand." UNDERGROUND said.
  He said 5.4 million meals is a superposition of two or three months, mainly used for the official reception, "But now things are still under investigation, unified response to the time."
  At this time, UNDERGROUND office came in a staff researcher take a back seat.
  "This thing, I 22:00 yesterday to know more, a friend called to tell me." He said UNDERGROUND, you apply for a mail account on Sina, enter the password, even if open microblogging.
  "These are my daughter taught me." Researcher smile told UNDERGROUND, however, you answer material in order to better how to write.
  UNDERGROUND promised reporters, meals specific time, the number of restaurant staff, dining amount answer reporters in the survey will be the first time out.
  The Financial Bureau emergency Registered official microblogging rumor:
  5.4 million meals Department of Bayberry section Front of 15 batches of visitors costs
  Government departments, official reception
  What are the specific standards and regulations
  11:47 noon, Sina microblogging named Yuyao City Government rent Finance Bureau released a message that reads as follows:
  Sina microblogging users published Bowen said last night, has more than 50,000 yuan, the Yuyao City Finance Bureau meal consumption led to the majority of Internet users concerned. I Board was informed of the situation, attaches great importance to and immediately organized to investigate. After verification, the network called a one-time consumption information of more than 50,000 yuan does not conform to the facts, the amounts especially since May Bayberry Festival Front of 15 batches of visitors during the cumulative pay.
  The reporter then verify UNDERGROUND, he said this microblogging indeed Yuyao City Finance Bureau official microblogging temporary staff with a personal microblogging change overnight.
  Yesterday evening, the microblogging Avatar changed tax flag, and the real-name authentication.
  As of 8:25 last night, this microblogging is forwarded 874 times, comment 693 times. But users who clearly do not agree with this argument.
  Small Jiu brother: clearly meals, and bayberry, do the authors treat to eat bayberry also moved into this meal? From May to arrears hotel meals more than three months? Third, even if the 15 meals, each meal average consumption of more than 3646 yuan, what you eat shark's fin?
  news110: Do you Bayberry Festival period, especially since May received 15 batches, place in Yuyao City Global Shark Museum, each table of the average price of 3,646 yuan, not including alcohol and tobacco? Official reception of the party and government organs domestic regulations "is how you perform, reception standards and how much? Reception fee at the beginning of the year the budget is how much? The beginning of the budget of the other municipal units reception fee, why do you super?
  Yesterday, the reporter interviewed several experts.
  Deputy Secretary for Education length of Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Professor Wu Jinliang, the provisions of the current sporadic, but the key problem is the lack of supervision and that spending is reasonable, there is no one specific regulations.
  "Reception costs of a unit of the annual budget, as long as it does not exceed this range, As for how to spend, signed by the leaders can now burst out from Yuyao City Finance Bureau fortuitous events, the public was able to know some information. Currently the most fundamental problem is that not open, transparent, Front Who Who is Front, have publicly come out, dare squandering this power of interpretation in the hands of the government departments, like how to explain on how to explain. "
  Said Yang Jianhua, director of the Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, made a lot of documents from the central to local public funds, but little has been bad, "previously specified four dishes and one soup, but performs Nobody knows public funds The itemized announced there would be no effective supervision.
  The Fiscal Bureau canteen:
  Boiled beef, the most expensive a
  Trainee reporter Zhang Mingming reporter Han Yu Ting photography Zhang Mingming
  Reporter learned that, Bayberry Festival is the Yuyao local has been organized by the major festivals, to Yuyao sightseeing tourists eat bayberry bayberry during the festival each year is also growing. Historical records, the 2010 Yuyao Bayberry Festival attract tourists 235,000 people Bayberry Festival to attract tourists during this year's 30 million people.
  Yesterday, in Yuyao City Finance Bureau, an office staff said privately, these meals and entertainment are higher-level units, or a sister unit, bayberry during the festival in order to examine the exchange, in the name of learning to eat bayberry, the total can not eat the cafeteria it, too. especially some important units to eat cafeteria is not it a bad thing. "
  Evening, the reporter walked into the cafeteria of the of Yuyao City Finance Bureau. The cafeteria is located in the south of the buildings of the Bureau of Finance, is a two-storey building.
  "Our unit employees more than 130 people, have to queue to eat to entertain foreign guests basic position, In addition to the upstairs there are two boxes. The UNDERGROUND told reporters.
  This reporter saw the black board in the cafeteria, the evening dishes Total 12 most expensive boiled beef, $ 7, cheapest food.

Black industry chain startling Oil Scandal

Source 2012-8-23 8:57:16 Ningbo Evening News

"Waste oil" case courtroom. Ningbo Intermediate People's Court / for map
  Reporters the Gold correspondent bell method
  In July last year, Ninghai police cracked a King-use of waste oil, the manufacture and sale of edible oil case, the public security organs across the country for the first time as part of the full detection of the illegal acquisition of "waste oil refining edible oil and sales of cases, so set to dig fishing crude refining, reselling, deep processing, wholesale, retail, and other six links "waste oil" black chain surfaced. Yesterday, the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court hearing of the case of the production and sales of the country's first special Daquan link "waste oil".
  Incident: someone secretly refining waste oil in the woods "
  In March 2011, Ninghai police received a report from the masses, found that the local refining waste oil was in a small village in the woods, far away you can smell the stench. March 28 to 30 last year, Ninghai police action, captured specializes in buying crude refining waste oil suspects. According to the suspects confessed, waste oil was later sold to Shandong Jinan Green.
  The support and coordination of the Ministry of Public Security, Zhejiang, Shandong and police jointly launched a survey to uncover the secret of the Green Company. Police found Green company has a considerable number of products as edible oil flows to the grain and oil markets in Henan and other places. Green's refined oil flows, Zhengzhou Hongda grain and oil firms to enter the police perspective. To reap huge profits, some businesses these tainted oil, wholesale to some suburban Zhengzhou grain stores, or by filling retail around the hotel, the hotel, the site canteen, night snack, fritters stalls. Police also found during a search, some of the waste oil was also a well-known edible oil brand trademark affixed. July 4 last year, the Ministry of Public Security unified command Shandong, Zhejiang police to work together, successfully destroyed Jinan Green waste oil refining edible oil "black factory", and seized two illegal production lines. On July 14 last year, police arrested the sales of cooking oil waste oil blending into YuanMou 17 suspects.
  Prosecution: suspects involved in the production of the two offenses of selling toxic and hazardous food, etc.
  Ningbo City Attorney organs review identified: Since the beginning of 2003 the defendant Liumou oil processing plant operating in Pingyin County, Shandong Province hole towns, then turned to the processing a dining kitchen waste oil recycling and re-processing business, and in March 2009 in The county Development Zone, set up a the Bohui company, operating in parallel with the original oil processing plant in towns and villages, hole production.
  Town Diao hillside village in the county rose again in June 2010 to expand production, the defendant Liumou set up a Green company, built and put into production in April 2011. Since December 2007, the the defendant Liumou in knowing that others will be posing its share of non-edible oil and soybean oil and other edible oil sales will remain meal kitchen waste oil extracted from the oil processing plant or company processing and still contain toxic and hazardous substances, non-edible oil foreign sales, earn high profits. To the incident, a total of $ 9920 million yuan in sales. The other defendants knowingly the defendant Liumou and others will be dining kitchen waste oil from the processing of non-edible oil posing edible oil sales, is still helping its production, sales of the above-mentioned non-edible oil.
  The inspecting authorities believe, the 7 suspects the defendant Liumou, Lumou, their behavior violated Article 144 of the Criminal Code and Article 140 of the criminal facts are clear, there is ample evidence, it should be held criminally responsible for the production and sale of toxic and harmful food crimes and the crime of producing and selling fake products. Then prosecution.
  Trial: the full attention of many of the media
  Yesterday, from the country's first case of King, as part of the full production and sale of "waste oil" criminal cases by the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court trial. Yesterday and today, two days, the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court heard in public production links Liumou seven defendants related cases. 0900, wearing glasses, looks gentle Liumou and six other suspects were brought into the court bailiffs.
  Although many people in the gallery, but the quiet solemnity of the court was filled with a majestic atmosphere. Many suspects in the admission side head looked to the public gallery, where many of their relatives and friends came to observers, as well as from all over the media reporters.
  Public Prosecution accused involved in the case on suspicion of the production and sale of fake or substandard products and production, selling poisonous and harmful food crimes prosecution to the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court.
  Re-sale to the court, the, According Liumou account the main object they produced poor quality oil product sales for some grain and oil distributors in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shaanxi and other regions, some dealers of the refined oil blending edible oil market.
  At present, the case is still pending, the case of the sale of part of the trial tomorrow, the newspaper will continue to be concerned about.

Beach cleaning car introduced

On August 4, the first beach cleaning car introduced to Zhejiang Province made its debut on the Sister Beach of the Tantoushan Island Scenic Area.

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