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Online Booking for Christmas Carnival At Westin

Christmas Carnival 1.288,00 ¥ 888,00 ¥

limited number of tickets


The Westin Ningbo presents a new-look “Christmas Carnival Week” in the town.

With theme food buffet and recreation carnival subvert the traditional way of Christmas celebration. One ticket fits all variety gourmets, exciting entertainment and more tempting lucky draw with iPhone6 plus for you to discover how great it feels to play well at The Westin Ningbo.


You may savor international cuisine, Chinese specialty and Japanese food selections.

A dessert house, an ice cream station, free flow imported sparkling wine, red/white wine and whisky are all included.


Indulge yourself in variety recreation facilities. Carousel, arcade games, kids’ amusement zone and live band performance brings you a memorable moment.


Lucky draw prizes are amazed you by one year buffet food taste privilege at Seasonal Tastes ,deluxe room voucher, iPhone6 Plus etc.

Adults:   RMB888 per person.

Kids:       Between 1.2-1.5 meters, half price

One kid under 1.2 meters and accompany by two adults, free

* In house guest and dinning guest could experience Carousel for free

The prize individual income tax caused by Christmas Carnival Week lucky draw shall be taken by the winners.

Book your ticket here and collect and pay at the -Westin-Hotel= when arriving at the hotel. Ticket will be reserved as entered here in the website.


圣诞 狂欢周


凭入场券即可畅享美食,娱乐,更有大奖iPhone6 Plus。







全年知味标帜餐厅自助晚餐及午餐品鉴大使资格、豪华房房券、iPhone6 Plus等诱人





* 注:住店宾客和用餐宾客均可免费游玩旋转木马




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 Get your Ticket right Here

Special offer: Book 10 tickets and pickup and pay and get 1 additional ticket for free

Overall beautification project of Zhenhai port completed

With the remodeling of buildings, the relocation of docks and the coloring project, the 40-year old Zhenhai part of Ningbo Port shows a new face. Since May this year, the Ningbo Port Group has launched the special campaign of "strengthening on-site management and building civilized port", and the branch of the group in Zhenhai port has invested a lot in the transformation of the port area.

At the beginning of 2014, the port area invited the experts from the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts to design the planning for the coloring transformation of the area. So far, the overall beautification project has been basically completed, showing a new colorful face of the port. At the chemical dock of the port, a disused chimney has been decorated and the name of the place was written on its top. Besides saving the demolition cost, it has also become a kind of landscape itself. The signs erected in front of the gate have been replaced by vivid cartoon wall pictures. The long corridor leading to the wharves, with the pictures since the beginning of the opening of the five ports in history carved on the wall, serves as a historical time tunnel. The cranes and conveyor bridges, used to be blackened by coal dusts, have now been dyed with different colors, and the water storage tanks in the chemical industry area have been colored green to show the vitality of the port development.

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The nation's first auctioned uninhabited island under construction

The first-phase of the development project of Dayangyu Island, China's first uninhabited island, had started at the end of last month. The developer has invested 10 million yuan in the construction so far.

The construction project of Dayangyu Island is divided into three phase. The first phase is the building of a 270° sea view hotel with a total investment of 30 million yuan. To minimize the damage to the mountains, the architecture is designed to be embedded into the mountain. Surrounded with a fishing center and a beach, the hotel will also be equipped with a large natural saltwater pool. The developer plans to turn the island into a high-end tourism and recreation destination.

Dayangyu Island became China's first uninhabited island to be publicly auctioned. The land use rights of the island were sold to Shanghai Gaobao Investment Co. Ltd. According to the developer, the first-phase of the construction project is expected to be completed in February next year .

Grow Your Own Vegetable In Ningbo

By Denise Bradford

Community Garden -

Are you interested in growing your own healthy chemical free food? Would you like to meet others and socialize while doing something for the environment? We are organizing others who would like to be part of a group to grow our own food in a rooftop garden. Please contact us here for details.



DIY Pottery Event

Pottery Event


Last week we had a wonderful experience in making pottery together. Since some people hope to do it again, now we’re supplying the second chance to go and taste together:

1)    2ND April (Wednesday ) afternoon at 2 30pm

2)    3rd April ( Thursday) evening at 6pm 

Either time is ok to choose.

Price : RMB100/people

RSVP: 1ST April

Note: The whole event includes two times of visiting . First time to make the pottery , second time (a week later) to color the pottery.


In about 2 weeks, you’ll get a burned artwork made by yourself.


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