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Smart Chengguan construction partly completed

On September 7, vice mayor Su Limian, accompanied by personnel concerned from Ningbo Urban Management Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Finance Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and Committee for Discipline Inspection, made a detailed inspection and investigation of Ningbo smart Chengguan construction. As is reported, by the end of August, the bid work of four main parts of the first phase of the construction project has been completed in the main. Those parts consist of renovation of office buildings, hardware upgrading, software and hardware integration and outsourcing of smart Chengguan operating platform service.

In order to efficiently integrate the urban management force scattered among some departments concerned, and to realize the maximization of the information resources, up to now, the construction has completed the integration and sharing of video monitoring over 1882 streets. In addition, another 216 video monitoring will be installed in all six districts of Ningbo, and 1402 managing and directing equipments, such as Chengguan Terminal, Conducting Terminal, Car-mounted GPS, etc will be added. In this way, a multi-line and multi-point dynamic monitoring network will cover all the streets in the central urban area. Haishu District will construct a batch of car-mounted mobile video and some fixed monitoring points covering all the main areas and streets of the entire district. Jiangbei District will realize the spatial fining of urban management and precise positioning of objects through integrated application of technologies such as geographic information system and remote sensing, etc. Beilun District manages to eliminate the blind points for video monitoring by making up the shorthandedness with technology.

To strengthen the means of discovering problems in urban management, and to enhance the overall capacity of incident handling, Ningbo Smart Chengguan Centre is engaged in developing the five supporting systems (namely, geographic information system, unified video monitoring system, unified positioning system, unified calling system and basic administration service system) and four application system (namely, smart Chengguan core business system, team management system, smart management and control system, and public service system).

A Special Year

See this.... :-)

The Chinese call this phenomenon "a sack full of money":

This year we have four data unusual: 1.1.11 / 1:11:11 / 11.01.11 / 11:11:11 In addition, the month of October this year, five Sundays, five Saturdays and five Mondays - This is only once every 823 years the case.

If you add those two numbers, the last year of your birth with age, which you have become this year, you will receive the number 111

This number is the same for everyone this year and that means the year the money!

These years are mainly used as "possession of money," known.

This Chinese proverb says that you have to say this further eight good friends and the money is coming in the next 4 days, as explained by the Feng Shui.

Those who do not pass get any money.

Tests the times - it's hard to believe, but wait.

Die Chinesen nennen dieses Phänomen " ein Sack voller Geld":

Dieses Jahr haben wir vier außergewöhnliche Daten: 1.1.11 / 1.11.11 /11.1.11 / 11.11.11 Zudem hat der Monat Oktober dieses Jahr 5 Sonntage, 5 Montage und 5 Samstage – Das ist nur alle 823 Jahre der Fall.

Wenn Du die letzten beiden Zahlen Deines Geburtsjahres mit dem Alter, welches Du dieses Jahr geworden bist zusammenzählst, erhältst Du die Zahl 111.

Diese Zahl ist dieses Jahr für alle gleich und das bedeutet das Jahr des Geldes!!!

Diese Jahre sind hauptsächlich als "Besitz von Geld" bekannt.

Dieses chinesische Sprichwort sagt, dass du dies 8 guten Freunden weitersagen musst und das Geld kommt in den nächsten 4 Tagen, wie es durch das Feng-Shui erklärt ist.

Diejenigen, die es nicht weiterleiten, erhalten auch kein Geld.

Testet das mal - es ist zwar unglaublich, aber warte ab.
without guaranty, but for some fore sure it might work.

Ningbo ranks No. 2 in Zhejiang in comprehensive scientific and technological strength

According to the information released by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Statistics on September 5, based on the monitoring and assessing system on provincial scientific and technological progress statistics, Ningbo ranks No.2 among 11 cities in Zhejiang Province in terms of comprehensive scientific and technological strength. With the 13 monitoring indexes and 5 observing indexes taken into consideration, Ningbo's final score is 18.42, only second to Hangzhou.

The comprehensive scientific and technological strength is an aggregate indicator of scientific and technological progress, and thus it reflects the overall scale of a city's scientific and technological development. In terms of total amount, all the indexes for Ningbo rank high among the first three places, while in terms of speed of development, 5 indexes rank high among the first three places. The two indexes rank as number one are total amount of people engaging in scientific and technological activities and fund for financial and science-popularizing activities. Three indexes, total financial input into scientific and technological development, the agricultural added value and authorized patents, rank 3rd.

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