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A lecture on calligraphy

A lecture on calligraphy by Tong Jianfeng, a calligrapher, attracted quite a number of young lovers of calligraphic art

Leading agricultural enterprises of Ningbo reaching a production value of ¥21.8 billion in the first half of 2011

On August 9, it was learned that the 263 leading agricultural enterprises of Ningbo have achieved a production value of ¥21.8 billion in the first half of the year, a corresponding increase of 7.65%, with sales of ¥17.40 billion, an increase of 8.8%.

The first half of 2011 has seen a continuous increase in the production value, sales and export of agricultural products in the leading agricultural enterprises, with the average increase being above 15%. As far as size is concerned, 34 enterprises' production value exceeded ¥100 million, 78 exceeded ¥50 million, all experienced increases of different degrees. 43 export enterprises' production value exceeded $5 million, with a total export of $613 million, accounting for 82% of the total export of the first half of the year.

The leading agricultural enterprises of Ningbo operate by way of contracts and cooperation with 826,600 farming households and has set up 2,466,400 mu production bases, purchased 3,343,400 tons of agricultural products, a value of ¥14.79 billion, greatly contributing to the increase in farmers' income.

August 13th Bailongtan Waterpark, Fenghua

Why not cool yourselves down in waterpark? Reindeer Station  invite you to go to waterpark on Aug13th! Please forward to your friends if they may interested in it!
Time: August 13th
Location: Bailongtan Waterpark, Fenghua
Special Package Price: 150 RMB per person (includes wave pool, swimming pool, slides, lazy river, shower, etc.), bus, lunch, raft, tramway, spring, bed bungee, insurance.

Alisa Chan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Teng Tou won "Habitat Environment Award"

Tengtou Village has enjoyed a widespread reputation since last 90’. In 2010, it was selected by 2010 Shanghai World Expo “ as the village in “urban best practice area”---the only village of this kind in the world. In 2011, “ecological Teng Tou harmonious homeland project” is successfully been selected as the winner of “Habitat Environment Award” and becomes the only village-level unit to win the honor in China. “Tengtou Village's achievement depends on its initiative spirit” said   secretary of Tengtou Village party committee Fu Qiping yesterday afternoon, when he gave a lecture at special party class to 150 party members in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of CPC.  After reviewing Tengtou Village's history, Fu Qiping said that although Tengtou Village was a famous village in China, obtained many kinds of honors, but comparing with Jiangsu Huaxi Village, Shangdong Nan Shan Village and so on, Teng Tou had certain disparity in aspects of economic output, industrial structure, reserve of talent people etc. Teng Tou must break arrogance, learn from advanced villages and do the best to catch up them.

Thousands of Billionaires: China’s Richest, 2009

Thousands of Billionaires: China’s Richest, 2009

Wang Chuanfu, CEO of BYD Co is the richest man in china
Wang Chuanfu 王传福, CEO of BYD Co., the wealthiest person in China

Although the full 2009 Hurun Rich List won’t be released until mid-October, Hurun Report (胡润百富榜) has gone public with the top two spots. The richest person in China is now Wang Chuangfu (王传福), with 35 billion RMB in assets (5.13 billion USD). Zhang Yin (张茵) and her family ranked second with assets of 33 billion RMB.

According to CNA Financial Reports, this year’s Hurun China Rich List – an annual ranking of China’s wealthiest – includes over 1,000 billionaires (in RMB), a significantly higher bar than the 700 million RMB it took to make the list last year.

Wang Chuanfu, 43, is a native of Anhui, dubbed the “technology maniac” and “automobiles maniac” for his keen business sense in both the industries. Wang soared from his ranking last year – 103rd place – by increasing his wealth from 29 billion to 35 billion RMB over the course of the last year; an increase of almost 880 million USD.

In 1995, Wang founded BYD Company Ltd., a company active in the rechargeable battery and mobile phones industry; in 2003, BYD entered into auto manufacturing for the first time.

BYD Co. was first listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2002. Wang currently holds 27.83% of the shares – currently worth about 120 billion RMB. However, because Wang's stakes in the company are largely A shares, and are not entirely liquid assets, Hurun Report made adjustments in their calculations to arrive at total assets of 35 billion RMB.

In 2008, Warren Buffett brought 10% stake in BYD for 1.8 billion HKD (roughly 232 million USD), and in the annual shareholders meeting this year,Buffett referred to Wang as a “true superstar”.

Zhang Yin and her family placed second with a total of 33 billion RMB in assets this year – advancing thirteen places from their 15th place ranking last year. This remarks a return to the top three for the Zhang family who placed in the top three in 2006 and 2007. Zhang's company, Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd., was founded in 1995 and is the largest paper and cardboard manufacturer in China.

Zhang Yin and family (her husband Liu and brother Zhang) hold a total of 72.25% of the stake in Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd. Hurun has calculated the total shares and assets of Zhang Yin and family at 33 million RMB.

China’s Wealthiest 1999-2009




Assets (in billions of RMB)


Rong Yiren 荣毅仁




Rong Yiren荣毅仁




and his brother Yonghao 刘永行刘永好兄弟




Rong Zhijian荣智健




Ding Lei 丁磊




Huang Guangyu 黄光裕

Retail, real estate



Huang Guangyu黄光裕

Retail, real estate



Zhang Yin and family 张茵家族




Yang Huiyan 杨惠研

Real estate



Huang Guangyu 黄光裕

Retail, real estate



Wang Chuanfu 王传福

Cars, mobile phone parts, rechargeable batteries


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