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Ningbo to enter flood season

Ningbo will enter its annual flood season a month from now, sail local meteorological authority. The municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief office urged related local government departments to strengthen disaster prevention. The Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, together with local fisheries, land management, urban management, civil affair departments, has organized eight inspection teams, who shall carry out in-depth checks over flood prevention works in local counties (cities) and districts.

Ningbo has seen a larger overall amount of rainfall over the same period last year, said experts in local Hydrological station. the annual rainfall in January and February is 195 millimeters, increasing 40 percent over the city's annual average (130 mm). According to Yang Hui, head of local Hydrological station, the heavy rainfall increases flooding risk while adding water supplies and improving river water quality. As of yesterday, Ningbo's 32 large and medium reservoirs reported a total of 886 million cubic meters water in storage, up by more than nearly 100 million cubic meters, an equivalent to the total storage of Baixi Reservoir, the largest one in Nigbo.

Ningbo started more flood control checks at an earlier time over last year. The inspection includes the responsibility for operating and maintaining flood control works, the flood control plan, the status of all flood control works and facilities, reservoirs, dikes, seawalls and pumping stations, the restoration of flood-damaged works, and prevention against watershed torrents and geological disasters.

Ningbo Shangri La Hotel Promotion 1-2-2014

Wine Flight

Head Sommelier Tank Tan, one of China's Top 10 Sommeliers, will take you on a wine flight around the world.

Bringing more than 40 wines from France, Germany, Italy, Australia and America.  Sommelier Tank will specially select 10 different labels to enhance your wine experience.

We are offering "Buy One Get One Free" during this wine flight from 5:30pm to 7:30pm daily only at Lobster Bar & Grill.

Hunt the Cut

Lobster Bar and Grill is offering specially selected lean cuts of Venison.  These special creations are served with a creative mix of irresistible local and continental flavors.

We are offering a la carte dishes such as Venison Carpaccio, Grilled Rack, Venison Loin and Ravioli with Braised Venison Leg.  Wine-pairing venison set menu are also available only at RMB 288 per person.

So You Think You Can Latin Dance?

Take up the challenge on the dance floor with other contestants from 9 p.m. onwards on 18 January 2014.  Dance through the Latin repertoire from Diane and Vladi which includes salsa, rumba and cha-cha. Attractive prizes such as “ One night stay in Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo Suite worth RMB 4,000” , “CHI Spa Voucher worth RMB 2,888” and “Lobster Bar & Grill Dinner Voucher worth RMB 500”.

Only RMB 500 per couple for participation fee. Registrations close on 15 January.

For reservations, please call 15888003764

Hong Kong Dim Sum Lunch

Gather the family and friends on the weekend to experience Shang Palace Chinese Executive Chef Zhou Hui and Dim Sum Master Chef Zhang Zhi Ming’s authentic Hong Kong dim sum. Specialities include selections of hand crafted rice roll and over forty kinds of dim sum at RMB 138 per person


Saturday and Sunday, 11.30 am to 2 pm

Ningbo released a 3-year plan for new generation information technology industry

In recent years, Ningbo has witnessed a rapid development of the new generation information technology industry, with the growth rate higher than the average of the country. In 2010, the income of the software industry reached 10 billion yuan, with the annual growth rate surpassing 40% for successively four years. Of the major industries of Ningbo, the emerging electronic manufacturing industry has been in the front rank. However, the new-generation information industry of Ningbo still has the problems of the shortage of hi-end personnel and key core technologies and the low industrial concentration. The recently released Action Plan is made in accordance with the present circumstances, and the reality of Ningbo. It is a blueprint for the new-generation information industry technology in such aspects as technological innovation, personnel introduction and industrial concentration.

In the Plan of Action, Ningbo specifies the key fields of the new-generation information industry: complete appliances and system integration, hi-end components and electronic materials, software and information technology services.

In the field of hi-end components and electronic materials, Ningbo will strengthen the industrial chain of the semi-conducting materials, sputter materials and lead frames and in the industry of new-type electronic components and materials, Ningbo will focus on the smart, micro and low energy consuming technologies.

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New Ningbo Railway Station is put into operation on Dec 28th

Ningbo Railway Station

The new Ningbo Railway Station is officially put into use on 28th, December.
The new Ningbo Railway Station (also known as new Ningbo South Railway Station), along with its new train operation diagram, is officially be put into use on December 28th. 

At 8:00 am on Tuesday, Ningbo started selling tickets for trains that will be dispatched from or arrive at the Ningbo Railway Station after the date of 28th December. 

Upon its opening, Ningbo Railway Station will operate 96 pairs of trains, including 13 pairs of regular trains, 43 pairs of trains prefixed G and 40 pairs prefixed D. 

The Ningbo railway sector will launch a new pair of high-speed bullet trains to run between Ningbo Railway Station and Shenyang North Railway Station and six new pairs of bullet trains to run between Ningbo Railway Station and Shenzhen North Railway Station. 

In addition, all the trains operated by Ningbo East Railway Station will run via the new Ningbo Railway Stations starting December 28th; and the new station has adjusted the ticket prices and travel times of some trains. Passengers should pay careful attention to departing times and operation stations. 

The train ticket pre-sale period has been adjusted to three days in the ticket hall, eighteen days from ticket agents and twenty days on the Internet or by phone

A show of dance and Taiji

On the morning of August 8, over 200 people had a show of dance and Taiji on a square in Haishu District.

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