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Cixi asks CAA to make urban design

Cixi and the Chinese Academy of Art (CAA) signed a strategic cooperative agreement a couple of days ago, in which Cixi is to hire CAA experts to be the architect of the urban development of Cixi. Cixi thus became the first county-level city to enter into all-around cooperation with CAA.

Inviting CAA experts to design for the urban development is to increase the soft power of the city and upgrade the city taste. Cixi plans to invest 60 bln yuan for the redevelopment of the central urban areas.

According to the agreement, the two sides will start all-around cooperation in upgrading the city image, promoting the creative industrial development and nurturing design talents. The CAA experts will be made to sort out the historical and cultural threads of Cixi. Meanwhile, they will undertake fundamental cooperative projects in overall urban planning and moulding of characteristics.

Xiangshan elected national pilot scientifically and technologically-oriented county

According to a notice recently released by the Ministry of Science and Technology on the special program of scientifically and technologically-oriented counties for 2011, Xiangshan County's project "Industrial Promotion of Sea Crab Production" was elected.

This project will get financial and intelligence support from the country and the city of Ningbo, and Xiangshan was officially elected a national pilot scientifically and technologically-oriented county. After Fenghua which got the title last year, Xiangshan now has become the 2nd one as a national pilot scientifically and technologically-oriented county.

Cultivation of sea crabs is one of the leading industries in the agriculture of Xiangshan County, and 65,000 people are engaged in the industry. in 2010, the scale of the cultivation amounts to 75,000 mu, yielding 4,100 tons, vuluing 450 million yuan. In terms of the area of the production, Xiangshan covers one sixth in the country, being the largest production and sales center of China.

Port of Ningbo made a historical new high

According to Ningbo Port Co., Ltd., from January to June this year, the cargo handled by the port of Ningbo amounted to 208,263,000 tons, 7.5% more than the previous year; the containers handled amounted to 7,081,200 TEUs, increased by 13.7% over the precious year. Both these figures are historical new highs, and both are 3.5 points higher than the average of coastal ports of the country.

In the first half of this year, Port of Ningbo opened or resumed 33 lines, and cancelled 22. By the end of June, the Port of Ningbo has 239 container lines, including 132 international ocean-going lines. In the first half of this year, the average monthly runs amount to 1,236, increased by 14.2% above the same period of the previous year.

In the first half of this year, the port handled 641,000 standard containers for domestic trade, increased by 21.7% over the precious year. Those by sea and railway transport amount to 25,000 TEUs, increased by 182.3% above the same period of the previous year.

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