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General plan of Meishan approved

According to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning, the General Plan for Meishan Port City 2010-2030 was officially approved.

In 2008, at the approval of the State Council, Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Zone became the fifth free trade port of China. In recent years, Meishan Island has concentrated on the development of the port trade. Today, the port is teamed with container ships.

However, great changes will take place in Meishan in the time to come. In the next 20 years, the functionality of Meishan as a port will be transformed. It will be turned into a port city, a city of free trade port and a city beautiful for living and recreation.

The new functionality of Meishan Island is that it should be an "experimental area of free trade of China", and demonstrative area of shipping and modern logistic services in the Changjiang River Delta, a leading area for the emerging industries of marine economy of Zhejiang and a new urban area of Ningbo the modern international port city.

The area of Meishan Island is 38.3 sq km. In the future, Meishan Island will go on making uses of its advantageous port resources to develop various industries and in particular, it will make uses of its marine resources to turn itself into holiday resort.

At the south end of Meishan Island, a 7-star hotel will be built, together with a comprehensive public wharf, a yacht holiday resort, an outdoor water park and an indoor tropical park

34 batches of Taiwan imports landed Shipu Port

The other day, a Taiwan merchant ship "Hepeng 1", loaded with about 15 tons of cargo, entered Shipu Fishing Port, and it was the 34th batch of imports from Taiwan to Xiangshan Port. According to the latest statistics from Ningbo Customs, in the first ten months of this year, the total imports and exports value of petty trade with Taiwan by Xiangshan Port reached $4.427 million, up 170% over the same period last year.

As one of the first five pilot ports for petty trade with Taiwan (the other four being Shenjiamen Port of Putuo District, Mawei Port in Fujian Province, Shijing Port in Quanzhou and Huizhou Port in Guangzhou), Xiangshan Port has begun to import more food products, farm products and light industry products since last year. To provide support for the petty trade with Taiwan, Xiangshan Customs cooperates with such port organizations as State Inspection and Border Inspection to open a special window for the trade. It also greatly promoted the development of the petty trade with Taiwan by introducing some measures like 24-hour reservation for clearance.

Fenghua building a highland for economic transformation

The signing ceremony for projects to be settled in newly established Ningbo Bamboo Industrial Park and Binhai New Town was held in Fenghua on November 11. 43 projects were signed, involving mechanism manufacture, clothing, bamboo industry, emerging industries and cultural industries, with the total investment of 7.5 billion CNY. This indicated the opening of the industrial parks.
To solve the constitutive contradictions and low profit level of the industry, this year Fenghua has injected large input for construction of industrial platforms cluster this year. It aims to forge high-level platforms that match emerging industries while doing a good job in traditional industries like clothing.
A number of industrial platforms with high starting points, advanced planning and high quality are under construction, including Binhai New Town, Ningbo Bamboo Industrial Park, Marine Equipment Industrial Zone and Recycling Economic Zone, etc. In Binhai New Town, an area of 4000 mu has been exploited, accounting for a quarter of the total planning area. The Ningbo Bamboo Industrial Park, with a total investment of 2.5 billion CNY, was planned to be built as one of the first-rate bamboo industrial parks in China.
According to statistics, over 50 projects each with registered capital of over 10 million CNY were introduced in Fenghua from January to September, up 42.8% over the same period last year, among which emerging industries accounted for over 60%. The planning area of the economic development zone has been expanded from 7.7 km2 to 41.4 km2.
The emerging industries of high-level service, manufacturing industries and precision farming, as well as new energy, new equipment and new material industries are rising greatly. From January to September, the output value of over 40 emerging industrial companies (each generating with over 5 million CNY) made up 25% of the total. The deepsea equipment industry has begun its taking-off. When the 3rd phase of the the deep-sea equipment project is put into operation, the annual output value is expected to surpass 10 billion CNY in five years

Sound infrastructure invites investments for Dongqian Lake

A recent report on the tourist market of Dongqian Lake released by the Department of Industry and Commerce shows that in the first ten months of this year, there are in the lake area 626 newly-registered tourist business bodies, with a total registration capital of 1.38 billion yuan, up 56.2% and 885% over the same period last year. Up to present, 1905 business bodies, or 62.1% of the total 3067 bodies, are engaged in the tourism-related business. The scale of the tourism-related registration capital is bigger than ever, with 8 out of 10 yuan of the registration capital dealing with tourism, adding up to 4.157 billion yuan, or 81.2% of the total capital.

The reason for the quick development of the tourism in Dongqian Lake lies in the formation of its three-dimensional tourist service system covering accommodation, restaurants and passenger transportation. Statistics show that this years there are 452 tourism-related business bodies, ranging from hotels and restaurants, transportation, wholesale and retail, entertainment to business services, up by 286 over the last year. The increase in the fields of hotels and restaurants, transportation and business services is all above 60% over the same period last year.

With the improvement of the tourist infrastructure, Dongqian Lake is attracting investments from some influential enterprises. According to a related official from the Dongqian Lake Branch of Industry and Commerce Department, seven more investment companies have registered this year, with an overall registration capital of 1.155 billion yuan. At present, there are altogether 18 tourist investment companies, whose registration capital takes up 40.4% of the whole market.

It is reported that the tourist construction projects are on the rise at the lake. 49 projects with a total investment value of 18.748 billion yuan have kicked off. 12 projects with the total investment value of 1.115 billion yuan are under way. And 18 projects with the total investment value of 897.48 million yuan have been completed. Among others, five tourist investment enterprises engaged themselves in the construction of the four functional zones of Tianluoshan Scenic Area, Aquatic Garden, Sunshine Beach and Mashan Wetland, with a total investment value of over 2 billion yuan.

East section of Ningbo Ring Expressway to open in next month

Ningbo Ring Expressway promises to be completed in its entirety by December this year. According to the joint meeting on the opening of the east section of the expressway, the principal part of the east section is to be completed in this month and it is ready to open in middle or late December.

The ring expressway is 86 km long. The west section, 42.07 km long, already opened in December 2007. The east section starts from Jiang Shan Bei to Yan Jia Qiao, 43.5 km long, with 11 elevated bridges. The designed speed is 120 km/h, and the design performance life is 100 years. With the completion of the east section, the ring road will form a complete ring.

The ring expressway is a core part of the expressway network, and it is called a “golden ring” for its importance. It should play an important role in relieving the traffic pressure in the urban area, linking the ports and promoting the construction of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

Now Ningbo has an expressway network extending to all directions. Northwestward, it has Hangzhou Bay Bridge, leading to Shanghai and Jiangsu; Westward, it has Hang-Yong Highway, leading to Anhui and Jiangsu; Southwestward, it has Yong-Jin Expressway, leading to Jiangxi; Southward, it has Yong-Tai-Wen Highway leading to Fujian Province

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