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401 Tongtian Summer Carnival opened

On the morning of July 22, the 401 Tongtian Summer Carnival in Siming Mountain 2011 opened.

The 401 Tongtian is a reserved military tunnel built in 1960s. The tunnel winds up the mountain for over 1 kilometers, and main tunnel is linked to over 50 headquarters and storage rooms on the two sides. In summer, the temperature is bellow 20℃, making the place perfect for summer resort.

Activities during the carnival will include a water splashing festival, and movie evening and so on.

Daxie Port listed as an International Health Port

Through the assessment of the State Quality Inspection Administration and World Health Organization, Daxie Port was successfully listed as an International Health Port. On the afternoon of July 18, Liu Pingjun, deputy director of the State Quality Inspection Administration, and Liuqi, mayor of Ningbo, attended the naming ceremony, and Wang Renzhou, vice mayor of Ningbo, and Zhang Chaohua, vice director of the health department of the state quality inspection administration delivered speeches. Present at the ceremony were also Daxie administration committee, Daxie quarantine department and other related units.

In recent years, Daxie has quickened its construction of the port, with its economic power remarkably raised, the size of its leading industries formed, its advantageous position further strengthened in the transportation of containers, crude and refined oil and liquid chemicals in Ningbo and even in east China. Now, the lift of its capacity of port health inspection and quarantine has laid a solid foundation for its future development.

Daxie began its endeavor to be listed as an international health port in January, 2007. For the past few years, with its own effort and guidance from related departments, Daxie's capacity of public health has been greatly raised. In January of 2011, Daxie passed the assessment of domestic experts and, in March, passed the assessment of experts from the World Health Organization, thus becoming an international health port, the first in Zhejiang Province and the fifth in China.

Daxie's success in being listed as an international health port will be a milestone in the whole process of building Ningbo into an international strong port. Next, Ningbo will follow the "six quickenings" strategies to develop its port into international health port with high-level planning and efficient organization.

Yinzhou has made 125 national trade standards in past three years

The other day the excavator standards made by the Zhedong Precision Casting Co. Ltd., was approved by national authorities. In the past three years, the private enterprises of Yinzhou have made 125 national standards, which ranks the first in Ningbo.

"The making of industrial standards is something like creating intangible assets, which is much more efficient than any kind of advertising", said a dean of the engineering center of the Futian Industrial Co., Ltd.. Since 2009, the company has become the authority in research and development of anti-static gloves and glue-coated nylon gloves. Another company, the Donghai Group Company Limited has taken part in making nine industrial standards. Through innovation, they have developed leading technology in smart water meters.

According to the economic development department of Yinzhou, the 125 national standards are mostly about machinery, electric appliances, and electronics. For instance, the national garment standardization committee has settled in the Youngor Group and the national textiles standardization committee the knitting glove group has settled in the Futian Group.

To provide support for the companies engaged in upgrading and innovation, Yinzhou decides to grant awards of 100,000 or 200,000 yuan to those national standard makers. So far, the government has awarded 10.23 million yuan.

Beilun Put in Place an integrated system of basic living cost allowance

To improve the social relief level, the Beilun government decided to integrate the basic living cost allowance systems of urban and rural areas. According to the new policy, the basic living cost allowance for both rural and urban residents will stand at 525 yuan per month (previously that of rural residents was 355 yuan per month). Thus, it bids farewell to the dualism of the basic allowance system for rural and urban residents.

Other differentiated standards for urban and rural residents will be unified, too, such as the examination criteria for applications of the basic allowance, the allowance for housing, and pricing, and aid for disabled families, subsistence allowances for jobless people and condolence money on festivals, etc. Meanwhile, the allowance for aged people in rural areas and the allowance for single-child families in rural areas will be canceled.

It is known that since 1997, the government has raised the basic living allowance standards for nine times. In addition, from this year on, the educational aid for college students of poor families will increase from 5000 yuan per year to 9000 yuan per year.

Cixi asks CAA to make urban design

Cixi and the Chinese Academy of Art (CAA) signed a strategic cooperative agreement a couple of days ago, in which Cixi is to hire CAA experts to be the architect of the urban development of Cixi. Cixi thus became the first county-level city to enter into all-around cooperation with CAA.

Inviting CAA experts to design for the urban development is to increase the soft power of the city and upgrade the city taste. Cixi plans to invest 60 bln yuan for the redevelopment of the central urban areas.

According to the agreement, the two sides will start all-around cooperation in upgrading the city image, promoting the creative industrial development and nurturing design talents. The CAA experts will be made to sort out the historical and cultural threads of Cixi. Meanwhile, they will undertake fundamental cooperative projects in overall urban planning and moulding of characteristics.

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