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Zhejiang's largest container carrier service center started construction in Beilun

On October 18, the construction of Beilun container carrier service center started. This center is a container carrier transportation center with its investment totaling 530 million yuan and its area totaling over 56 mu, capable of serving over 3,000 container carriers. It is so far the largest comprehensive one-stop service center for container carriers in Zhejiang. It is expected to greatly improve the logistic environment of Ningbo enhance the supporting logistic services and further promote the transformation of the logistic industry.

It is reported that the service center will build a large scale public logistic information platform. With advanced technology of internet of things and the advanced information platform, the center will be highly efficient to integrate the resources of the port, the industrial parks, the stacking yards and logistic companies, so as to form a fourth-party logistic platform and efficiently promote the informationization of the logistic industry of the city and maximize the uses of resources.

Port of Ningbo sees a rapid growth in domestic container transportation

According to the latest report of the operation in the third quarter by Ningbo Port Co., Ltd., from January to September this year, the containers for domestic trade handled amounted to 1,009,000 TEUs, increased by 25.4% above the same period of the previous year. Exceeding the total than handled in the whole year of 2009, this amount contributes a lot to the record breaking container transportation in the first three quarters this year.

Statistics show that in the third quarter this year, Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. handles 4,180,000 TEUs, increased by 13.5% above the same period of the previous year. From January to September, the total of containers handled amounted to 11,567,000, increased by 14.9% above the same period of the previous year, and covering 79% of the annual plan.

In this year, the flagging economic situation on the market in Europe and America has considerably affected the container transportation of the ports of China. In face of this situation, the port of Ningbo has taken active measures by seizing the opportunities brought forth by China's expanding the domestic demand and by strengthening the strategic cooperation with the artery shipping companies. With theses measures, the port has expanded its market for domestic trade containers from the ports on the coastal areas and along the Changjiang River.

Early this year, the port of Ningbo started to strengthen the cooperation with the big shipping companies and the ports in the north and the south of China, so as to promote the shipping business for foreign and domestic trade. The port of Ningbo sees a steady increase of containers from Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities to be transferred to Zhapu, Wenzhou and Taizhou. This increases the role of the port of Ningbo for the goods from the northern and southern ports. In the meanwhile, the port of Ningbo has strengthened the transferring network for the domestic trade, by integrating the port resources and improving the supporting shipping facilities in Zhenhai and Zhapu. So far, it has finished building the transiting platform for domestic trade which consists mainly of Ningbo Daxie China Merchants International Container Terminal and Zhenhai Port.

Cixi listed in top 100 small and medium cities

According to the newly released 2011 Report on Development of Small and Medium-sized Cities in China, Cixi ranks No. 9 among the top 100 Chinese small and medium cities with scientific development, the only city in Zhejiang province ranking among the top ten.

In recent years, with the development of neo-urbanization, Cixi has made breakthroughs in transformation and upgrading of industries, city development, ecological civilization development, entrepreneurship and innovation and improvement of people's livelihood. All in all, it has become a model of county urbanization.

It is said that since 2005, China Medium and Small City Economic Development Committee of China Society of Urban Economy has organized a project group, together with some related organizations such as the Institute of Urban Development and Environment Study, Chinese Academy of Social Science. The listed cities are assessed in terms of the level of scientific development, the construction of the two-oriented society, the investment potential and the regional driving force. The focus is to see whether the economy, society and environment develop harmoniously and whether the people benefit from the development and thus feel satisfied.

In addition, Cixi ranks No. 5 among the top ten two-oriented (resource-conserving and environment-friendly) small and medium cities of China 2011, and No. 9 among the top 100 small and medium-sized cities with strongest investment potential.

Yinzhou to spend 200 million yuan recruiting overseas talents

In the following five years, Yinzhou will put in about 200 million yuan to recruit 100 overseas talents listed in the talent programs of the state, the province the city. Financial support as much as 6.6 million yuan will be given to a talent and his program qualified for related conditions.

In recent years, Yinzhou has made constant efforts to develop the talent invitation platforms like the Business Park for the Returned Scholars, and the Innovative 128 Park. So far, the district has recruited over 90 high-level professionals as senior managers and core members of programs. Of these talents, there is one listed in the "China Global Expert Recruitment Program" , and three listed in "the Global Expert Recruitment Program of Zhejiang". The recruited overseas talents have become an important part for the economic and social development of Yinzhou.

Ninghai to Hold International Hiking Festival

Ningbo is to hold the first international hiking festival, following its successfully bid for setting May 19 as the China Travel Day.
The activity was initiated by the Southeast Business Paper and related departments of Ninghai. It is to be held on September 25 in Ninghai. By then, the organizing committee will invite some 30 outdoor sports clubs to drill on the very day. After that, all leaders of clubs and teams will take part in a meeting.
The news of holding a hiking festival has been welcomed by hikers. Many people, professionals and amateurs alike, have signed in. By the end of last weekend, 16 clubs and teams have signed in. The deadline for enrollment is set at September 16.

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