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Zhejiang's largest container carrier service center started construction in Beilun

On October 18, the construction of Beilun container carrier service center started. This center is a container carrier transportation center with its investment totaling 530 million yuan and its area totaling over 56 mu, capable of serving over 3,000 container carriers. It is so far the largest comprehensive one-stop service center for container carriers in Zhejiang. It is expected to greatly improve the logistic environment of Ningbo enhance the supporting logistic services and further promote the transformation of the logistic industry.

It is reported that the service center will build a large scale public logistic information platform. With advanced technology of internet of things and the advanced information platform, the center will be highly efficient to integrate the resources of the port, the industrial parks, the stacking yards and logistic companies, so as to form a fourth-party logistic platform and efficiently promote the informationization of the logistic industry of the city and maximize the uses of resources.

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