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East section of Ningbo Ring Expressway to open in next month

Ningbo Ring Expressway promises to be completed in its entirety by December this year. According to the joint meeting on the opening of the east section of the expressway, the principal part of the east section is to be completed in this month and it is ready to open in middle or late December.

The ring expressway is 86 km long. The west section, 42.07 km long, already opened in December 2007. The east section starts from Jiang Shan Bei to Yan Jia Qiao, 43.5 km long, with 11 elevated bridges. The designed speed is 120 km/h, and the design performance life is 100 years. With the completion of the east section, the ring road will form a complete ring.

The ring expressway is a core part of the expressway network, and it is called a “golden ring” for its importance. It should play an important role in relieving the traffic pressure in the urban area, linking the ports and promoting the construction of Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

Now Ningbo has an expressway network extending to all directions. Northwestward, it has Hangzhou Bay Bridge, leading to Shanghai and Jiangsu; Westward, it has Hang-Yong Highway, leading to Anhui and Jiangsu; Southwestward, it has Yong-Jin Expressway, leading to Jiangxi; Southward, it has Yong-Tai-Wen Highway leading to Fujian Province

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